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Relational Bits From the Lord

LastSupper300X400I haven’t posted in a while, and it isn’t because I do not have material. It has to do with that little commodity called time. However, I have a few moments, and thought I would share two interesting tidbits with you.

First, we were having a conversation with the Lord recently—you know the type, he speaks, you listen—and he showed us a picture of Da Vinci’s The Last Supper. As he was showing this, it was evident that the painting really bothered him. He made it clear that the original scene wasn’t like this at all. He was especially concerned that it missed the intimacy of the event.

Of course, we all know this. We understand that the people of Jesus’ time reclined when they ate. The picture below recreates an informal Roman table scene from the era. At a Jewish banquet such as Passover, the seating would have been more formal. Jesus, as the host, would have reclined on his left elbow, second in from the left. His attendant, his right-hand man, would have been immediately in front of Jesus reclining at the first position on the left. We know that John filled that first position, since his head was level with Jesus’ chest (see John 13:21-25). Then the rest of the guests were arranged around the table from there, placed from the most important to the least important. This little detail helps us understand why the disciples were arguing about who was the greatest on the way to the Passover celebration. MealMore than likely, they were fighting over the seating arrangement at the table. They had missed Jesus’ point about sitting at the least important position at the table, the far right, and allowing the host to honor you by moving you into a more important position closer to the host (see Luke 14:7-10).

All this is interesting, but why did the Lord choose to highlight this for us? I believe that he wants to remind us about relationship. As people, we tend to make spiritual things into formal ceremony rather than relational celebrations. Da Vinci’s portrayal of that Passover celebration turned it from the intimate event that Jesus hosted, into something that errs from Jesus’ intent. I believe we can learn a lesson about the Lord’s desire for intimacy by simply remembering the event as it would have been, not as Da Vinci pictured it.

The second thing that I want to highlight today also involves being close to the Lord. The Lord showed us how many people are walking around with headphones on, ear buds in, or are otherwise consuming media content. It is certainly not a bad thing to enjoy music, to read, or watch entertaining videos. However, if we have something plugged into our ears all the time, it is very difficult for us to hear the Lord through the noise. Just imagine the Last Supper if several of the disciples had ear buds in, and others were checking their emails or texts. You can imagine that the intimacy would have evaporated. If we do not give ourselves some downtime away from media, our intimacy with the Lord will be greatly hindered.

These are two key things about intimacy and relationship that the Lord has shown us recently. I will write an article soon to wrap up the Atlantic hurricane season. There is a lot going on. I will take some time to post things that I am seeing soon.


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