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Walking in Your Vision

VisionWalk300X400Now is the time to press in for healing for your eyes and your feet. God is speaking about improving our vision, and our ability to walk that vision out. When he begins to speak about spiritual truth, he will often demonstrate it in the natural through physical healing. He is doing that very thing right now.

The Vision

I had coffee the other morning with a friend of many years. He told me about something the Lord showed him while he was at the eye doctor recently. My friend is near-sighted (unable to see far), and has astigmatism. As a result, his glasses are the progressive vision type. However, because he has the type of astigmatism that can actually get better as you age, his prescription is changing. The eye doctor told him that he could tell that his eyes were getting better because of how he had to move his head in order to read. Rather than performing a simple movement to read, my friend had begun, unconsciously, to hold his head “just so” in order to make up for the difference between his better vision and his prescription glasses. If left unchecked, this would have caused levels of physical stress to my friend’s head and neck. The doctor, of course, fitted him with a new prescription so that he could once again have a normal range of movement when he wore his glasses, eliminating the stress.

Pay attention, I am writing about more than eye glasses. This is a parable about spiritual vision. As a result of his visit to the eye doctor, the Lord began to speak to my friend about spiritual vision. The Lord showed him how often the body of Christ gets stressed because it attempts to fit itself to an old vision, and how often increased vision (revelation) requires a change in our tools.

When my friend told me this story, he did not know something I had just shared with my congregation on the Sunday before our meeting. I had told my congregation that my eyesight has been getting better.

I have fought the need to using reading glasses since I turned forty lo those many moons ago. When I first noticed the need for reading glasses, I bought some +1.25 glasses from a wholesale store. For those of you who do not know, that level of magnification is like  starter reading glasses. Since that time, about a decade, I have had that same level of magnification. During that time I have persevered and prayed that I would not need to increase the magnification, and would even try not to use them if I could do so comfortably. As a result, I am very aware of what I can and cannot read without reading glasses.

I became aware of a change while I was reading a credit card brochure a couple weeks ago. While I was reading the fine print, it suddenly occurred to me that I was reading the very small print without any reading glasses. I noticed that I could even read the very small print under the boxes where you fill in your details if you want to apply. I was a bit shocked because I haven’t been able to read such small print without using reading glasses for quite some time. But now I found that I could.

I was pleased by this change, and did share what was happening with my congregation, but I did not put a spiritual lesson to it—other than encouraging people to press in for healing. Within days the Lord made certain that my friend would not only have a similar experience, but the Lord also made certain that my friend would understand the spiritual point and share it with me.

The message is this: The Lord is increasing our vision. This is going to require some changes on our part.

The Walk

Why will increased vision require change? The problem with increased vision is that it not only helps us see God’s plan, but it can also help us see the obstacles more clearly. God’s plan is to take us through the obstacles, but that will only work if we don’t get consumed by worries about the obstacles.

The Lord wants to help us avoid this trap. He recently told us, “I am healing feet right now.” He then explained, helpfully, that it was a sign. He told us that we was going to do this “because people need to walk in a greater level of peace right now. They need to be in peace for what is coming.”

Many prophetic people have begun to walk in an increased vision of what is coming. Some of the things that are coming do not look all that pleasant. If you lack peace, you will miss what God is doing as you stress out over perceived problems. If you have peace, you can be used by God to bring relief and refreshing to those around you. So, as God is healing eyesight (vision), he is also healing feet (peace). These two things must go together so that we remain balanced and faith-filled in our walk.

As I wrote at the beginning of the article, press in for physical healing if you have issues with either your eyes or your feet. But more importantly, also allow God to work on your spiritual vision, and to release the spiritual fruit called peace into your life. It will bear even greater dividends as we walk out our visions together.


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Chantal’s Short Run

ChantalTropical storm Chantal, the first Cape Verde-type tropical cyclone of the season, sputtered to an ignominious end yesterday afternoon, days earlier than expected. While forecasters are blaming several key atmospheric conditions, I believe that the real cause of its demise rests on the prayers of Kingdom people.

When I last spoke to Bob Jones, a prophetic voice who has an incredible record of predicting storms, he urged me to get the word out to churches in Florida and other coastal areas about the importance of praying for their geographic area this year. He is very concerned that there are areas where the Church is not praying against storms. This could be a costly mistake this year, especially for Florida. If we do not take the time to use our authority, we should not be surprised if bad things happen to our area of influence. It is that simple.

Bob also told me that the season would begin early this year. Chantal has fulfilled Bob’s word about the early start to the hurricane season. Chantal became a named storm late Sunday evening, July 7, and ended on Wednesday. Even so, it fulfilled Bob’s prediction, and may be a harbinger of a busy storm season. Dr. Jeff Master’s, from wunderground.com, wrote this about Chantal’s early formation:

Formation of a tropical storm east of the Lesser Antilles Islands in early July from an African tropical wave is an uncommon occurrence. Since Atlantic hurricane records began in 1851, there have been only thirteen tropical depressions or tropical storms that have formed July 15 or earlier that have passed through the Lesser Antilles, an average of one early-season tropical cyclone every thirteen years. Note that two of these storms, Dennis and Emily, occurred during the notorious Hurricane Season of 2005. There were five other pre-July 16 storms that formed east of the Lesser Antilles Islands, but did not pass through the islands (Bertha of 2009, Barry of 1989, and tropical depressions in 1967, 1978, and 2001 that did not become named storms.)

He then adds why he believes this portends a busy season:

Chantal’s formation on July 8 is an usually early date for formation of the season’s third storm, which usually occurs on August 13. A large number of early-season named storms is not necessarily a harbinger of an active season, unless one or more of these storms form in the deep tropics, south of 23.5°N. According to Phil Klotzbach and Bill Gray, leaders of Colorado State’s seasonal hurricane forecasting team,

“Most years do not have named storm formations in June and July in the tropical Atlantic (south of 23.5°N); however, if tropical formations do occur, it indicates that a very active hurricane season is likely. For example, the seven years with the most named storm days in the deep tropics in June and July (since 1949) are 1966, 1969, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2005, and 2008. All seven of these seasons were very active. When storms form in the deep tropics in the early part of the hurricane season, it indicates that conditions are already very favorable for TC development. In general, the start of the hurricane season is restricted by thermodynamics (warm SSTs, unstable lapse rates), and therefore deep tropical activity early in the hurricane season implies that the thermodynamics are already quite favorable for tropical cyclone (TC) development.”

Two of this season’s three storms have formed in the deep tropics–Tropical Storm Barry, which formed in the Gulf of Mexico’s Bay of Campeche at a latitude of 19.6°N, and now Tropical Storm Chantal, which formed at a latitude of 9.8°N. With recent runs of the GFS model predicting formation of yet another tropical storm southwest of the Cape Verde Islands early next week, it appears that the Atlantic is primed for an active hurricane season in 2013.

In response to Chantal, and out of an abundance of caution, we scheduled a prayer meeting last evening to stand in authority against any negative consequences of this system. However, before we could gather, the storm had degenerated to a tropical wave. We had prayed against the system on Sunday, before it became a named storm, however, we thought we would take another shot at it last night. When it dissipated, we canceled our meeting. If Bob Jones and Doctor Masters are correct, we will have other opportunities to gather.

Get the word out. It is time to stand in our authority (see Matthew 16:19).

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The 2013 Hurricane Season

stormyweather1Are you prepared for the hurricane season? Many of those who post about the hurricane season remind us to be prepared “just in case.” You can find lists of items that you should have prepared, just in case your area is hit by a major hurricane. While I remind people that stocking up for emergencies is part of being a good citizen and neighbor, I believe that our best preparation for the hurricane season involves standing in the authority that Jesus Christ has won for us. He died and rose again to win the keys of authority for his Church. We use that authority in many different ways, but for those of us in South Florida (or any other hurricane prone region), it is absolutely vital that we use our authority to protect our region from hurricanes.

We held our first intercessory meeting for the hurricane season just over a week ago. As I have often mentioned, we do not wait for the storms to come to us. We recognize that destructive hurricanes are released from hell to harm population centers. We don’t like to wait for Satan’s strategies to emerge during the hurricane season. We are much more comfortable preempting his plans by using the keys of authority that Jesus has given to us. We use those keys to lock the door on Hell’s strategies against our area of influence, and to unlock the purposes and blessings of God in our weather patterns.

Last year the Lord alerted me to three specific storms that Satan’s agents intended to use against South Florida (see South Florida’s 2012 Hurricane Season and 2012 Hurricane Season Recap). The Body of Christ rose to the challenge of the storms, and none of the three presented any problem for our immediate area, though they certainly troubled some other areas.

Bob Jones, one of my prophetic mentors, asked me recently if the Lord had given us anything about the 2013 hurricane season. While the Lord has shown us some things about the tornadoes and storms troubling other areas (see More Storms Coming and Tornadoes and Rain), he has not given us much about our own hurricane season. Bob told me that he had seen at least one that we would need to push away, but that he was confident that we would be able to do so.

I mentioned to Bob, that at this point, I believe that the Lord is only speaking to us about specific threats when there is something we can learn from it, or something that we must expend more intercessory effort over. Since the Lord has given the earth to man (Psalm 115:16), I believe he expects us to walk with intelligent stewardship over it. When I release a task to employees, or to my children, I actually expect them to perform the task. I will train and equip them for the task, I will also monitor things to ascertain whether they are being done correctly, but at a certain point I will simply expect that they will handle the task without much further input. I will certainly encourage them appropriately, but the highest form of praise is the fact that I no longer need to micromanage what they are doing.

In the same way, the Lord gives us callings, tasks, that he intends we carry out on his behalf. He trains and equips the members of his Body to do these tasks. He certainly encourages us along the way, but he also expects that we will grow up into our callings as we mature. He will certainly give us information as we need it. But if we do not need it to accomplish our task or develop our relationship with him at a higher level, he really does not need to tell us every detail of what is coming.

Do not get me wrong, I like the details. Back in 1998, the Lord spoke to us in great detail for over a year about a specific threat to our area. He gave us the information, and the wisdom about what to do with that information, so that Hurricane Irene did not devastate our region in 1999 (see Hurricane Irene). Since then, I have learned that there are threats the Lord will speak to us about, and there are some that he does not bother to speak to us about. I have learned to be at peace with either circumstance.

Those who analyze weather patterns have told us we can expect an active hurricane season. Veteran prophet Bob Jones has seen some specific threats. That means we all must man the walls of intercession and authority. That is our task. Let’s do it well this season.

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Tornadoes and Rain

lighthouseMoore, Oklahoma was hit by a tornado again this past Friday. If you read my last post (available HERE), you know that the Lord showed us that we could expect more tornadoes to hit towns and cities. However, I really didn’t believe that meant that Moore, a city that is grieving the loss of dozens of its people, would be among those hit. My heart goes out to them.

The Lord told us that the names of the cities that tornadoes hit this year would be signposts along the way for what was coming. When Granbury, Texas had the first tornado outbreak, I was concerned that it meant that the next storm (or storms) would have a high death toll (grand bury). When the large tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma, I realized that the town’s name pointed to more tornado outbreaks, and released an alert along those lines. The fact that Moore has been hit again probably indicates that even more tornadoes are coming.

There was a second signpost with Friday’s storms. When I read media reports, I saw that they said that Moore and El Reno were hit by tornadoes. If these names are our signposts, then we know more storms are coming (Moore/more), and that it probably will bring even more flooding rain.

El Reno means the reindeer. Since both Granbury and Moore were signposts based upon their pronunciation rather than there name meanings, I suspect that reindeer refers to rain-dear, where the meaning of dear is costly. I don’t think this is too much of a stretch, since the storms that hit last Friday brought a lot of flooding (costly rain) to the areas that were hit.

God’s people have authority to pray the death out of these disasters. We live in dark times, but according to Isaiah 60, when times are dark God’s people can shine brightly. We can release the light of intercession over our geographic areas. It is imperative that we do so now.

Update in 6/3 at 2:30 PM: Carol O. sent me an alternate interpretation of El Reno that I rather like. She wrote, “Reindeer may have several meanings…  More means more, but reindeer could express how precious rain is, and deeply needed in the correct way, to relieve drought in the Midwest and plains states, not in downpours that run off into flash flooding.” Amen. Whether we interpret El Reno negatively or positively, the prayer application is the same: We can stand in authority and pray that the only rain that falls is beneficial and helpful toward breaking the drought, but not more than the land can safely absorb. We do want that drought broken.

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Stretching Backward

SlingshotDawn recently had an experience in which she was walking with the Lord. The Lord was showing her some items of interest as they passed through a cavernous area. Then she saw a long row of slingshots stretching off into the distance. She noted that each slingshot had a place where a person could be firmly placed upon the launching band. She saw many people in this position, and she saw many more lined up, waiting their turn to be launched. The Lord showed her several things about these slingshots. First, they were there to launch his people forward into significant destiny and calling. Secondly, the Lord showed her that when the slingshot was being stretched into launch position, the person who was going to be launched was feeling stretched, and felt like they were going backward instead of forward. Third, many of the slingshots were ready to fire.

Within a day or two of that experience, I had a dream in which I saw Paul, the apostle. The Lord highlighted something so that I would recognize that he had been on one of those slingshots in his day. This helped me understand the stretching backwards a bit more fully.

Paul was an intelligent and learned man. He, by his own testimony, was a Hebrew of the Hebrews and a member of the well-respected sect of the Pharisees. He had learned at the erstwhile feet of Gamaliel, and was an intimate of the Sanhedrin and the High Priest. He had credentials plus. His life, and his destiny as an important man in the Jewish nation was assured. But then Jesus intervened. He gave him a calling and a destiny, and then placed him on that slingshot.

I am certain that when Paul was called by Jesus, he thought like most of us think when God initiates a call in our lives, “Now things are really going to start happening.” Things did start happening for the apostle. He started to be stretched backwards. He started his ministry with persecution from those who opposed Christ, and rejection by those who served Christ. He went from being a notable star in the Jewish nation, to almost complete obscurity for the best part of thirteen years. I’m sure there were times during that thirteen years that the apostle wondered how he had messed things up so badly; I can’t imagine that there were not times in which he wondered about all the ground he had lost in his life. He was being stretched backwards in preparation for his launch.

The Lord certainly has a purpose in this stretching, just like he has purpose in our stretching. Paul had to unlearn much of what he had learned. The religious system in which he was trained had touched every area of his life. Religious ambition and misunderstanding was bound up in Paul’s life. The Lord needed to burn all that out of Paul in order to use him fully. The Lord gave Paul time to unlearn his previous life, and grow in the life of the Spirit. In Paul’s life this took about thirteen years from the time Jesus called him to the time that God’s slingshot launched into his ministry to the Gentiles (see Acts 13).

I know that many people who feel “stretched backwards” read this blog. Some of you have had significant impact in life or ministry before the Lord called you for his special purposes. We often answer the Lord’s call with high expectation without realizing that the Lord’s call also implies that he is going to take the time to remodel our souls. That remodeling, that time of real spiritual growth, can feel like we are losing ground rather than gaining ground. But as God is preparing our soul’s, he is also arming the very mechanism that will launch us into his purposes. At just the right time, he will release us into the true purposes of his calling, and that launch will be breathtaking.

Are you feeling a bit stretched lately? Does it actually feel like you have been losing ground? That is probably a sign that you are getting close to the launch. Press on. When that launch comes you will quickly see your destiny unleashed.

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