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The Third Horseman Continues to Ride

On Sunday I had an opportunity to preach a message entitled, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. It was based on the Lamb of God opening the seals in Revelation 6. It was a fun study, and I believe applicable to our day.

You would have to get the message (available for download HERE) in order to get all the details of why I believe what I believe about the time in which we now live. I am fast becoming convinced that we are living in the time of the the third horseman’s ride throughout the world. Down through history many nations have suffered the catastrophes outlined in Revelation as they have come to the end of their grace. However, we now live in a time that these catastrophes are happening on the predicted global scale. They are also increasing in intensity, as we would expect the birth pains that foreshadow the eventual return of Christ would (see Matthew 24:8).

The first horseman—the white horse— is clearly Christ. He has taken his war bow from the heavenly throne room, and is riding out to begin the judgment on Satan and his kingdom. The Lord hung the bow up when he spoke to Noah after the flood (see Genesis 9:13-17). He put it on display in his throne room, as both Ezekiel and John testify (see Ezekiel 1:26-28 and Revelation 4:3). He now takes it down to begin the closing work of seeing all of his enemies made a footstool for his feet.

The second horseman—the fiery red horse—is given the ability to take peace from the earth. I believe that this rider rode forth in the twentieth century. Only God’s gracious restraint prevents unregenerate humanity from annihilating itself. When this rider begins to remove this restraint, war and violence are the result. I believe we can see this rider’s handiwork in the fact that the twentieth century is rightly called the bloodiest century. It was during this century that war went global and superpowers became capable of destroying all mankind. The wars alone claimed 150 million lives. Democide, a term coined to describe a nation’s government killing its own people, claimed another 180 million. Abortions numbered almost 1 billion worldwide. These are staggering and unprecedented numbers, especially when you consider that in 1950 the world’s population was only 2.5 billion. Fully half of the world’s 1950 population died by violence in the twentieth century. I think these numbers make a strong case that the second horseman has ridden out on a global scale.

The third horseman—the black horse—is given the ability to wreak havoc on the world economy. The scales that he holds are economic scales. He has the ability remove grace from the financial dealings of men so that the staples of life become horrendously expensive. I think you will agree with me when I state that this horse is probably on the world scene even now. Reports on the financial instability being experienced worldwide come to us every day. The United States economy almost collapsed at the end of 2008. Today, financial reporters are making open mention of the house of financial cards that is waiting to come tumbling down in Europe, causing untold problems as government systems throughout the earth struggle to cope with Europe’s financial issues. We don’t know whether the current problems will continue to escalate, or whether we will have a reprieve until another birth pain occurs, but this horseman will certainly continue his ride.

The fourth horseman—the pale/green horse—is given the ability to release death on an even greater level than the red horse through war, famine, plague, and wild beasts. We may just be seeing the beginning effects of this rider. We have seen devastating famines in Africa in the last decade that still continue. There are mildews and fungi that are causing major concern among horticulturists around the globe. Those same botanical workers are watching potentially devastating blights that could greatly reduce wheat production around the world (see THIS article in the Economist about it). Plagues, once thought all but eradicated, have risen again to haunt the dreams of men. Medical science has been sounding the alarm on an ever-increasing variety of ways that pandemic and plague could winnow the earth. And what about death by the wild beasts of the earth? I believe as the birth pains continue, we will see animals begin to lose their fear of man, and begin to see humans as a food source. We occasionally hear of such events (for example, see the recent grizzly attack at Yellowstone Park). When this happens on a wider scale, we won’t have quite so many animal rights groups questioning whether violent animals should be put down. They will need to be put down.

At the same time that the red, black, and pale/green horsemen are riding forth, the white rider is still building his overcoming Kingdom among his people. I believe that is why he rode out first. It is a clear message to his people that he will be releasing grace in his Church so that the rest of the horsemen (and the rest of the judgments) are effectively counter-acted in the Church. This becomes more apparent when we remember that it is the Lamb who was slain who releases these horsemen and the rest of the judgments found in the book of Revelation (see Revelation 6). We must also remember that John, the Apostle of Love, wept inconsolably at the thought that no one would be able to release these judgments (see Revelation 5:4-5). When, in the midst of the judgments, we see Christians in heaven calling out impatiently for the judgments to happen even more quickly (see Revelation 6:9-10), we recognize that these events must be welcomed by God’s people. The horsemen and the subsequent judgments recorded in the book of Revelation are not fearful things for the people of God. They, literally, are the time that we can lift up our heads victoriously at the prospect that our redemption draws near (see Luke 21:28).


If you want to understand more about the outline and purpose of the book of Revelation, you can download the first message in my series on the book HERE. This message gives some guidelines that will help establish the time and purpose of the book, and will help greatly in an understanding of its interpretation.

Bonnie Pays a Visit

I spent a rather soggy morning playing parking lot attendant at the Coral Springs Aquatic center. Our swim club is hosting a Senior Championship meet through this weekend, and parents of swimmers are the volunteer workers that make the event possible. Tropical Storm Bonnie began its South Florida swing just after I took my post. I can tell you from up-close-and-personal experience, it has been very wet and rainy since then.

If you read my post from June 30th of this year, you were watching to see if Bonnie would come to South Florida (see post HERE). At that time I wrote:

Back in 2002 a friend of mine had a dream that Hurricane Irene’s sister was coming. Those of you who remember the Irene saga (read about it HERE), know that Irene’s sister is Bonnie. The dream did not give any time frames about Bonnie. But in the cycle of hurricane names, the last time the name Bonnie was used was in 2004. There was a tropical storm Bonnie that season, but it did not come anywhere near us. Now that Alex has been named, the next named storm will be Bonnie. Of course, we don’t know if this Bonnie is the one mentioned in the 2002 dream, but it at least piques our interest about this next storm, and keeps us on prayer alert. I’m letting you know about this dream so that you might be on prayer alert with me.

I think we can safely say that the dream was about this Bonnie. When I posted about this on June 30, I didn’t share the details of the dream. However, the dream didn’t call Bonnie a hurricane, only a storm. To me that meant that if it came to visit, it would only be a tropical storm rather than a hurricane. Anyone who lives in South Florida knows that our area can easily weather a tropical storm because of the hurricane building codes. We certainly respect tropical storms, but we don’t normally call special prayer meetings about them. When Bonnie formed yesterday we paid close attention to it, but it was obvious that it was only going to be a tropical event by the time it came calling here.

Current forecasts do not indicate that Bonnie will become the major storm that Bob Jones prophesied in the gulf for this year. However, my prophetic ears are piqued by the fact that the Lord drew our attention to this apparently minor storm. Perhaps it will need some focused prayer before it dissipates. I pray that the forecasters are correct, and that this storm will degenerate even further and become a non-event.

Untangling the Mess

I want to share an encouraging thing that the Lord spoke to us this week: He is going to untangle the mess that is the current situation in the United States.

I am encouraged by this word because of the many strands and tentacles of deceit, manipulation, and control that have developed from the top down in our government and institutions. We, along with many other Christians, have been praying that the Spirit of Truth would move on our land. While we have certainly seen the Spirit revealing truth on a national level, it has been amazing to see what is happening even at the local level. Corrupt officials are being revealed at a startling rate as charges are filed against them. Of course this can make us wonder if we will ever be able to deal effectively with the corruption, deceit, manipulation, and control that has co-opted so many in our government. As the Spirit of Truth moves, the enormity of the situation is revealed. It can be more than a little discouraging.

Then when one turns to the national scene, things appear even worse as we find that the change promised to our nation involves a fundamental shift away from the Lord. I do not often get a chance to watch television news or commentary during the late afternoon or early evening hours, so I rarely have an opportunity to catch one of Glenn Beck’s programs. But on occasion I have had opportunity to see the tangled mess of political collusion and conspiracy that Glenn portrays on his whiteboards. If he is even half right, things have grown so messy and so overgrown with Satan’s agenda that it appears that we may never be able to right this ship. I have literally wondered if we were ever going to see it all untangled.

And then God speaks, and my faith in his future plans for our nation are restored. He does intend to let his light shine on and through this nation once again.

His mercy is overwhelming. His wisdom if infinite. When you put these two things together, we can look forward to better days for this nation and this world. He is able.

44th Presidential Term

For many years the Lord has spoken to us—and many other Christians—using the number 44. In essence, he helped our congregation understand that the number represents dying-to-self in order to release the power of God. He showed us that self-sacrificial action (the epitome of true agape love) would release the promise and power of his kingdom.

He also showed us that if you do not voluntarily fall on the rock in order to be broken (dying-to-self), that rock will fall on you and you will be crushed to pieces (see Luke 20:17-18). The number 44 then, is a powerful symbol of God’s people releasing his Kingdom while they sacrificially serve him. It is also a powerful symbol of what happens when we choose not to do it God’s way.

The Lord has reiterated this message to us through the number 44 repeatedly. For that reason, even before our current president was elected, I was looking toward the term of our forty-fourth president with interest and concern. On the one hand, with the correct president—meaning one who was willing to fall on the rock—I believe there would have been great opportunity for advancement in our nation. On the other hand, with a president who would not fall on the rock, I believed our nation would go through some difficult times as rocks of humbling began to do their work of drawing our attention back to God.

I think most who are reading this blog understand which direction we have gone.

All of the above is a precursor and explanation for what I am about to write. Many prophetic people and atmospheric prognosticators have declared that we are in for a difficult hurricane season. I have been feeling the same thing. I think that Hurricane Alex has put the exclamation point on that feeling. The following is part of a report I read this evening on the Weather Underground site:*

Hurricane Alex, the strongest June hurricane in 44 years, is now Tropical Storm Alex,
thanks to passage over the rugged terrain of Mexico. Alex made landfall at 9pm CDT last
night, 110 miles south of Brownsville, Texas, as a Category 2 hurricane with 105 mph
winds. Alex was the strongest June hurricane since Hurricane Alma of 1966,
which had 125 mph winds as it skirted the west coast of Florida.

Hurricane Alex was the strongest June hurricane in 44 years. So the first hurricane of this season is the strongest in forty-four years. Hmm. I say, “Hmm,” because hurricanes make some mighty big rocks.

Keep praying for mercy and grace during this season. Even if our nation must have some rocks fall on it, members of God’s Kingdom—those who have fallen on the rock—will experience something far different as we intercede for our nation. We will see his Kingdom come.


*As you read the report from Weather Underground, it is obvious that it was written on Thursday morning, July 1. I didn’t see it until this evening, and the interesting thing is, I should not have seen it today. I selected Dr. Jeff Master’s current (July 2) report. Somehow I got to the July 1 report instead, which starts out with the words above. I have not been able to reproduce the error that lead me to the July 1 report. I believe the Lord wanted me to see it because of the message it contains. He wants his people praying to turn these storms away from our areas of authority. A humbling may be coming through these storms, but that humbling does not have to happen in our areas of influence. This calls for dying-to-self and praying ardently for the safety of our coastal areas. The very message of 44.

Hurricane Alex/The Rest of the Season

As I write this, Hurricane Alex is just coming ashore along the Mexican coast about 110 miles south of Brownsville, Texas. Alex is a category two hurricane with sustained winds of 100 mph. While it can’t be pleasant on the Mexican coast, and we will know tomorrow whether this barely-category-two storm does any serious damage, we can certainly thank the Lord for his mercy. If Alex had gone up through the oil mess in the northern gulf, things would be even worse than they are.

It certainly is too soon to celebrate, especially since the Lord showed Bob Jones a major hurricane in the gulf for this year. Since these things are not normally foreordained, bur rather warnings for the purpose of prayer, we can certainly continue to pray for mercy, joining with like-minded people of faith to establish a hedge of protection in the northern gulf. We also can already start praying against any hurricane attaining major hurricane status in the gulf this season.

The Lord hasn’t spoken to me personally about hurricanes this year that I am aware. However, he did tell Bob Jones about one that we must be concerned about. While Bob has never told me the name of a hurricane that is coming our way, he has accurately predicted seasons that we were in harms way. So I respect Bob’s prophetic warning, and as in the past, expect to be able to turn any storms away from our immediate area of responsibility through focused prayer. Intercessors to the north and south of our area should already be praying to deflect this storm from their shores. It is always encouraging to see a storm turn from our coast, but it is never fun to see it make landfall further up the coast. Please pray that the Lord raise up intercessors all along the coast of Florida (and beyond) to turn any storms away.

Back in 2002 a friend of mine had a dream that Hurricane Irene’s sister was coming. Those of you who remember the Irene saga (read about it HERE), know that Irene’s sister is Bonnie. The dream did not give any time frames about Bonnie. But in the cycle of hurricane names, the last time the name Bonnie was used was in 2004. There was a tropical storm Bonnie that season, but it did not come anywhere near us. Now that Alex has been named, the next named storm will be Bonnie. Of course, we don’t know if this Bonnie is the one mentioned in the 2002 dream, but it at least piques our interest about this next storm, and keeps us on prayer alert. I’m letting you know about this dream so that you might be on prayer alert with me.

I’ll share more about this season as it develops. In the meantime, keep praying for mercy and grace.