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Igor, Julia, and Karl—Oh My!

When the National Hurricane Center (NHC) points out that we are at the height of the hurricane season, they are not kidding. At this point we have three active systems that have formed in the Atlantic.

Igor doesn’t appear to be much of an issue for the United States. It could certainly become an issue for Bermuda, but it appears that it will not be an issue elsewhere.

Karl looks like it will remain a tropical storm as it makes landfall in Mexico. Of course, rain events that cause flooding and mudslides can be deadly, so it would not hurt to pray for the safety of those who dwell in the Yucatan and other parts of Mexico.

Julia is still too far away to determine exactly what she is doing. The current three day track shows it bending on a north to west curve toward the United States mainland for those three days, and then moving directly north in the days after that.

And after all this, the next named storm will be Lisa. If Lisa forms and is aimed anywhere near Florida, I will tell you more about what I have on it. In the mean time I’m going to continue to thank the Lord for his protection thus far, and I’m going to continue to pray for that same protection for the rest of the season.


The graphic on the left is not a prophetic prediction of Earl’s path. I took the graphic from the National Hurricane Center (NHC) website, and added a yellow line in order to highlight Earl’s direction for the last three days. The NHC has predicted that Earl will curve to the north some time tomorrow because of the atmospheric conditions.

This is what the hurricane center stated in its latest report:


The relentless movement to the northwest is what concerns me. I trust they are right about the turn to the north, but I also remember many times when the NHC has missed the track because of last minute changes in the pressure ridges, or because of Satan’s nasty little plans.

I also know of a prophetic word from a well-known prophetic voice who saw that the Carolinas needed prayer this year because of a threat from a hurricane. Earl certainly qualifies as such a threat.

It would be a great time to pray for the Carolinas.

Please pray specifically that Earl curve northward this evening and tomorrow in order to miss the coast of the Carolinas (and beyond). If you live in the threatened areas, use the authority you have over your geographic area to establish a wall of protection against any hurricane force winds. We will join our prayers to yours. Pray also for dry air to encroach on this thing and that wind sheer would increase.

The Body of Christ has authority over the natural. I expect that we will have many more times to exercise that authority yet this year. Let’s exercise it now so that Earl turns harmlessly north.

Operation New Dawn

Operation New Dawn starts tomorrow (September 1, 2010) in Iraq. Operation New Dawn began on November 8, 2004 in Iraq. Operation New Dawn began on July 1, 2004 in Iraq.

All those statements are true. And that, to say the least, is very odd.

Normally the military does not reuse operational names in the same theater of operation for the same reason we avoid naming our kids with the same names. It can only cause confusion. Even though the military understands this need, it has used Operation New Dawn three different times for different aspects of the Iraq war.

The first time they used this title was on July 1, 2004. I remember the Sun-Sentinel headline because the headline spoke to our congregation—New Dawn Community Church—in an amazing way. We had decided to follow MorningStar Ministries’ leading and not hold any meetings for the month of July. We were understandably a bit nervous about it. We had never skipped a Sunday service, and the idea of skipping a whole month was difficult to imagine. So the headline caught our attention and greatly encouraged us:

The second time the name Operation New Dawn was used was later in 2004 during the battle for Fallujah. I didn’t catch this use of the New Dawn moniker, probably because the military had originally christened the offensive Operation Phantom Fury. Apparently Iraq’s Defense Minister wanted to call it Operation al-Fajr, which is translated Operation New Dawn. Since the first New Dawn of 2004 had transferred limited sovereignty to Iraqi authorities, we can understand why his wishes prevailed. The second Operation New Dawn commenced on November 8, 2004. As the battle victoriously concluded, one of Iraq’s ministers announced, “It is with all pleasure that I announce to you that Operation New Dawn has been concluded.”

Starting September 1, the name will be used a third time in Iraq. The combat phase of the Iraq war—Operation Iraqi Freedom—will give way to the stabilizing phase, Operation New Dawn.

All of this may seem to be an irrelevant, and—because of our name—self-focused trip down memory lane, except for one thing: The Lord gave our congregation its name as a sign. Our congregation is named New Dawn because I believe the Lord wanted it to have that name. I certainly didn’t want to give it that name.

Let me explain. Back in May of 1995 I was happily the pastor of Shepherd of the Springs Church in Coral Springs—Notice the nice conventional name. We were newly freed from our denomination and were pursuing the things of the Lord with intense excitement. Things were popping spiritually. Dawn and I had decided to take our family to a MorningStar Ministries Prophetic Conference because we wanted to know more about that ministry stream and explore connecting to it. We were in attendance at the Friday night meeting of the conference when Paul Cain was the featured prophet and speaker. Paul had a reputation for having a profound prophetic gift, often calling people out of large crowds by name, telling them where they lived, and other details and encouragements from the Lord. So we were excited to be there, even though we didn’t really expect a personal word.

During the ministry time that evening, Paul received a word of knowledge about Dawn and I. Thousands of people were in attendance as Paul began to share the things the Lord had shown to him. He explained that the Lord had given him the names of some people and things they needed to know. Then he asked anyone whose name he called to come to the front for further ministry. I do not remember how many names he called, because as he was going down his list he said, “Randal and Dawn, there is a new dawn.” Since we did not know anyone there, and since no one knew us, we were pretty stunned. When we went forward, we received further ministry, but did not find out anymore about this new dawn that Paul had mentioned. I was actually pretty happy with the original Dawn, so I wondered about what this meant.

It didn’t take us long to find out. One month later, in June of 1995, I began to discover that not everyone at Shepherd of the Springs was as excited as I was about pursuing the Holy Spirit. As a result, we lost about half of our membership over the course of that month. This was not very much fun. But God is really amazing. At the same time that we were going through this difficulty, we were approached by the leaders of another congregation in Coral Springs, Praise Harvest Church. Praise Harvest had been without a pastor for about six months, and they were considering closing it down. Together we decided to explore whether God was setting up a merger instead. We began to meet and pray about joining together, and we set the last Sunday of July as a date for both congregations to worship together.

When that Sunday came, both congregations came together. There was a lot of excitement in the air. What we didn’t know, is that God had arranged for a prophet from Colorado to be in our city for a business meeting. He came to our Sunday morning meeting because he had met one of our leaders, but he knew nothing about what was going on in our congregations. As he sat down next to the leader, he began to write furiously on a legal pad. Before the worship was over or anyone had begun to speak, he gave a hand-written sheet of things that the Lord had shown him to the leader. At the end of the meeting, after I had explained to everyone that we were exploring whether this potential merger was a new dawn, he introduced himself to me and asked if he could read what God had shown him. I allowed him to do so. When he had retrieved his paper, one of the first things he read was, “This is a new dawn.” At that point we knew that God had called our congregations together. God not only used this man to help us understand and apply Paul Cain’s word, he also used him to give us a part of our calling. He told us that we would be an Isaiah 60 congregation. God wanted to use it as a prophetic signpost to proclaim the words of the first three verses of this chapter:

“Arise, shine, for your light has come,
and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.

See, darkness covers the earth
and thick darkness is over the peoples,
but the LORD rises upon you
and his glory appears over you.

Nations will come to your light,
and kings to the brightness of your dawn.
(Isaiah 60:1-3 NIV)

With such obvious prophetic confirmation, we merged the two congregations into a new dawn. However, I certainly wasn’t that interested in naming the congregation New Dawn. I was firmly in the grip of the fear of man on this issue. I understood that everyone who knew me would think I had named the congregation after my wife. I also knew that if we named it New Dawn, that virtually everyone who ever attended the congregation would be drawn to the conclusion that we had named the congregation after my wife. I just wasn’t ready for this, so I punted. I asked the congregation to come up with suggestions for the name. Of course, New Dawn was nominated, but if I recall correctly, so was Holy Gator of the Sawgrass. After some initial votes—in which Holy Gator fell to the wayside, the final vote centered on New Dawn and one other name. I, in my best pastoral imitation of the cowardly lion, chose not to vote. I certainly wasn’t going to let this thing be my doing. Imagine my surprise and chagrin when we counted the votes and discovered that they were evenly split between the two names. I had tried to punt, but the punt had been deflected by God’s hand right back into my lap. I had no doubt that this was a message from the Lord. So I quickly repented of my cowardly lion ways, declared the vote a tie, and personally took responsibility for naming the congregation New Dawn.

While this has NOT been great fun exposing my reluctance to follow what the Lord had been showing me, I am doing so for a reason. This congregation’s name was not my idea. The Lord, in spite of me and the Holy Gator crowd, made certain that this congregation would bear this name. So when the name New Dawn shows up in the headlines in such odd and obvious ways, I pay attention. I recognize that God is attempting to say something through all of this. But the question is, “What is he communicating?”

I might be able to help with a small part of the answer to this question because of something I heard Bob Jones say last week. I attended a meeting where Bob Jones was speaking. Bob is a father of the prophetic movement in the United States, and when he speaks, I listen. He explained some things about what God had shown him for 2011. He also explained that on God’s calender, 2011 begins on September 8, Rosh Hashana. Bob told us that this year God is ushering in the year of the Lion. What this means is that God’s authority is being released into his people in a new way. As a result, God’s people will begin to walk in new authority as this new year progresses. We are going to see the Lion of the Tribe of Judah reflected in his people through the authority he gives them.

Of course, that is what Isaiah 60 is all about. As the world gets darker and more difficult, God’s people will shine with the light of his glorious authority. As his people demonstrate that authority, it will eventually draw the attention of  world’s leaders. As God’s people further demonstrate that they have God’s answers for our world, the world’s leaders will come seeking. They will come to the brightness of our dawn.

That is probably only a small part of what God is saying through all this.  But at this point, it is enough. There is a new dawn starting in September. It isn’t Operation New Dawn, though the Lord has used the timing of that operation to communicate his timetable. The new dawn that we will see is found in Isaiah 60. It is time to arise and shine.

2004 Hurricane Season Redux

Last Friday night we held a prayer meeting to intercede about the hurricane season. This was our third preemptive prayer meeting this season. We only hold three such scheduled prayer meetings during the hurricane season. Of course, we also hold specially-scheduled prayer meetings if South Florida is painted into the “cone of uncertainty,” or if we hear that the Weather Channel’s storm reporter, Jim Cantore, has booked a flight in our general direction.

At last Friday’s prayer meeting I rehearsed what I knew so far about this season. Earlier in the year, I had a strong feeling that this season was going to be like the 2004 season. The Lord does speak to me through these strong feelings, so I have begun looking more closely at the 2004 season. While 2004 was not like the busy and devastating 2005 season, it still did a bunch of damage to Florida and other areas of the United States.

On Friday night as we were praying, the Lord gave me one of those “Ah Ha!” moments. As I looked over the storm names for this season, I realized that this year’s storm names are the same ones used in 2004. While I know that the annual list of storm names is used in a rotation, I didn’t realize that we were on 2004’s list. When I realized this, I realized the Lord has really been trying to communicate to us about this hurricane season.

So what can we expect if I am correct that this season is going to be like the 2004 season? Well, first we can expect a fairly busy season. We had fifteen named systems during 2004—seven more than last year. We also saw major damage in Florida from five of these storms. So the 2004 season wasn’t a good season for residents of Florida (or for the insurance industry). I would hope that after six more years of intercessory development since 2004, that the praying Church will be more successful at releasing protection over our areas of influence this year. So while the season may be busy, my focus will be on praying away the damaging storms. We really do not want a repeat of the destruction unleashed in the 2004 season.

The other thing about the 2004 season was that the Lord had spoken to us about two specific named storms before the 2004 season began. As it happened, neither of these storms came near South Florida, so we didn’t know if the dreams were for the 2004 season.

I’ve already written about Bonnie, which was one of the storms. Bonnie did hit northern Florida in 2004, however, the dream was about Bonnie hitting South Florida. Bonnie did hit South Florida this year (see my post on Bonnie HERE). I’m not absolutely sure how all this works, since I learn more about how the Lord speaks to us about storms every season, but I find it incredible that the Lord spoke to us about Bonnie eight years before Bonnie actually hit us. So, of course, now I’m wondering about this other storm. It also did not get that close to South Florida in 2004. Are we looking at another Bonnie moment? Time will tell.

That is the nice thing about working with the hurricane season. We learn a lot about how the Lord speaks to us because we can test our understanding against what really happens. We can then correct our understanding and hopefully get better every year at discerning what the Lord is saying to us. I’ll keep you informed as the season progresses if the Lord gives us anything more on a specific storm, or the season in general.

We are entering into the busiest part of the hurricane season. Danielle was named this morning. Although she doesn’t appear to pose a threat to any interests in the United States, she is a reminder that the busy season is here. Please pay attention, and pray appropriately.

Cleansing Hurricanes

In my last post I mentioned the cleansing hurricanes of 2005. I knew the topic of those cleansing hurricanes deserved a more complete review, however I did not take the time to do it then. I believe that it is important that we understand the process of godly discipline that we experienced in 2005, if for no other reason than we will see more of this in the days and years ahead.

Just to refresh our memories, 2005 saw a record number of tropical and sub-tropical storms throughout the hurricane season. The twenty-eight storms spawned a total of fifteen hurricanes with seven of them becoming major hurricanes. Of the seven major hurricanes, five of them reached category four strength, while four of them reached the highest category of storm, the dreaded Category 5. Katrina and Wilma became the costliest hurricanes in history during that season. However, they were not the only major storms to cause major pain. Dennis, Emily, and Rita added to the misery.

Those of us who lived in the hurricane zone during this time remember some pretty intense activity. I remember being with Rick Joyner in early August of 2005. He gave me a prophetic word telling me that there were going to be a lot more hurricanes coming, but that he saw them as washing machines, releasing cleansing to the areas that they hit. If you think that all personal prophetic words are warm and fuzzy, think again. I didn’t necessarily want that word, but it helped me understand the rest of the season when Rick’s spot-on prophecy began to come to pass.

Most people remember Katrina for what it did to the northern gulf coast and New Orleans. While I certainly remember it for the sheer destructive power of the storm, I also remember it because it first came knocking on our door. However, the door was closed to her.

Since 1998 the Lord has trained us in the art of anti-hurricane spiritual warfare. We have seen some spectacular responses to our intercession, which the Lord has used to increase our faith. In 2004, the Lord helped us when both Frances (track depicted in red) and Jeanne (track depicted in purple) attempted to slam Broward County with hurricane force winds. We had special prayer meetings in advance of those storms and forbade them from bringing hurricane force winds to our county. Both storms headed directly for us, and then stalled with hurricane force winds swirling just off shore. Then they slowly—really big emphasis on slowly for Frances—inched north until all of the hurricane force winds were north of the county line. At that point they resumed their march across Florida (See wind distribution graphics for both storms at bottom of article for a better understanding of the size of these storms).

A year later, when we held our prayer meeting as Tropical Storm Katrina headed toward Florida in 2005, we were bolstered by “the word of our testimony” about Francis and Jeanne (See Revelation 12:10f.). We again prayed for a wall of protection between Katrina and our county. As you can see from the graphic to the right, Katrina was headed west—left on the map—right into Fort Lauderdale (and my city, Coral Springs) until it matured from a tropical storm to a hurricane. At the point that it became a hurricane—at the fifth green marker on the upper right of the track—it turned sharply south, traveled down to the county line, and came across Florida. The northern side of Katrina was not yet developed at this point, so Broward County was spared anything but a relatively mild tropical storm. Miami-Dade County was in the news for a brief period of time because of the damage it sustained from the south side of Katrina, but their problems were quickly eclipsed in the news when Katrina made landfall on the northern gulf coast.

Katrina made landfall in South Florida on Thursday, August 25, 2005. Three days later, on the morning of Sunday, August 28, I had an encounter with the fallen being that was in charge of Katrina. In the dream/experience, I discovered this creature sitting on a washing machine (remember Rick Joyner’s word on cleansing). I was with another elder from our congregation as we apprehended him, bound him, and marched him out of our house. At one point the angel spoke to me and said, “I shot an arrow at you last week and just missed.” As we marched the angel out of our domain, I could feel its terror rising because it was convinced we were going to shoot it in the back of the head. Later I realized that he was afraid of our intercession as it headed away from us toward toward its rendezvous with the northern gulf the next day.

The fact that I discovered the angel/being in a washing machine, as well as a fact I didn’t mention—the being was dressed in a bath towel—highlight the cleansing discipline that the Lord intended to release through Katrina. New Orleans was ripe for cleansing judgment for many reasons, not the least of which was the southern decadence festival held in the city every year. Katrina disrupted that festival, and everything else, in 2005. In fact, the city still has not fully recovered its former status as the southern decadence Mecca. Cleansing is not very much fun.

After Katrina missed us, I began to wonder if that angel had a second arrow in his quiver to shoot at us. I was not deluded into thinking that our area of South Florida didn’t need or deserve cleansing judgment. So we prayed a lot about mercy during that season knowing that mercy triumphs over judgment (see James 2:13).

When Wilma appeared on the scene toward the end of October and began its rather long and winding journey, we also held prayer meetings about it. However, when it passed by us into the Gulf of Mexico, we didn’t think it was much of a threat to us. You can see from the graphic at the right that we should have paid more attention to it. We continued to pray about it at our Friday night and Sunday morning meetings, but we did not hold any more special prayer meetings. Meteorological reports made us believe that it would not become a threat after exhausting its energies on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

There was no doubt that Wilma was a cleansing hurricane. It become a major hurricane and sat on top of Cancun and Cozumel scrubbing them clean. Both locations had become key Spring Break sites. As a result, they have become a stumbling block to college students. I was really glad that Fort Lauderdale had repented of its Spring Break mindset several decades ago, especially as I watched Wilma slow to a crawl and vent its category four fury on Cancun and Cozumel for a full day.

But then, after it was done with the new Spring Break locations, Wilma decided to come to the original Spring Break center in Fort Lauderdale. I don’t know how the divine scales of justice work, but I can imagine that it would not be just for Cancun and Cozumel to be so scrubbed, without Fort Lauderdale at least being reminded of its nefarious role in developing the original concept.

Wilma showed up on a Monday morning with surprising strength. It caused very little damage to the west coast of Florida when it made landfall, but boy did it wallop Fort Lauderdale (and all of Broward County). Contrary to meteorological predictions, Wilma maintained strength over Florida and did far more damage on the east coast than it did when it made landfall on the west coast. Electricity was out for weeks in some areas of our county. Wilma did about $20 Billion dollars in damage when it came to visit the U.S., and became the third costliest hurricane in United States history behind Katrina and Andrew. Cleansing judgment isn’t cheap.

Wilma hit our area on a Monday morning. Much of the rest of the week was spent in clean up and dealing with the fact that we had no electricity. On Saturday night I was asking the Lord how Wilma had done so much damage. I specifically asked whether it was the second arrow in the quiver of the angel from Katrina. As I researched the internet that night, thankful for the generator that made it possible, I came across the answer to that prayer in an article on a NBC news affiliate’s web site entitled The Mystery of the Eye. The copyrighted article—which means I can’t post it—points out an unbelievable phenomenon that occurred in Wilma’s eye just as it made landfall in Florida. A number 2 formed in its eye. The picture at the right is not retouched. It appears exactly the same way it looked when first broadcast on the NBC affiliate. The National Hurricane Center’s website posted a similar image with the number in the eye.

You can still find this image on the web if you google “Wilma” and “the mystery of the eye.” Be warned that you will end up on web sites that use this image to fuel their claims that hurricanes are man-made and the number two is evidence of this fact. In view of the prayer I had prayed, the number two in the eye of the hurricane as it made landfall in Florida demonstrated something quite different to me. This was arrow number two, and this one didn’t miss. It brought cleansing judgment to our area—and to Key West.

That is the point I made in the previous post. When Wilma’s cleansing judgment came to Key West it flooded about sixty percent of the island under four to five feet of water. Fantasy Fest, Key West’s week long version of the southern day of decadence was postponed by Wilma’s approach, and washed out by her visit. However, as I wrote in my previous post, Key West did not learn the lesson of the cleansing, but quickly returned to its excesses. That is why I fear for them. In my last  post I could not go into my reasons for that concern. Hopefully this post makes it much more clear. I am absolutely convinced that the angel that I encountered after Katrina, the evil angel that the Lord allows to bring hurricanes in judgment against areas in need of cleansing, I am convinced that angel has more arrows in his quiver. For this reason it is not safe to ignore the cleansing hand of God. It is not fun, and it can be very costly.

I do have hope for Key West. Fort Lauderdale was able to repent of wicked Spring Break activities and change. If it happened here, it can happen there. Hope springs eternal.


Wind Fields of Frances and Jeanne (Hurricane force winds are in red):

(On Left)

(On Right)