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He MAY Not Be the Antichrist, But . . .

I know that the similarities between the Antichrist and Steve Jobs’ Apple empire is only coincidental, but there are times that you think, “Hmm.” I mean, never mind that the first Apple computer that he and Steve Wozniak built sold for $666.66. Never mind that Apple computer received a head wound and almost went out of business when Steve Jobs was forced to step down, but it was remarkably resurrected when Steve Jobs once again became its head. Never mind that Apple, a once struggling computer company now owns over 20% of the computer market and has become the dominant player in portable music devices. Never mind that you cannot buy an iPhone from an Apple store with cash—an obvious attempt to introduce a cashless society—exactly what one would expect from the Antichrist as he sets the stage to force those who buy and sell to receive the Mark of the Beast. Never mind that their logo is an apple with a bite out of it, reminiscence of the proverbial apple in the garden. And, is it only an inconvenient truth that Al Gore is on Apple’s board?

Whoa! For a minute there I almost convinced myself. But then, since I am writing this article on a Mac, it directed my attention—via google— to the fact that Nero, who is the first post-cross Antichrist figure, didn’t own any Apple products (that we are aware). It also reminded me that $666.66 is exactly 66¢ more than what you would expect the Antichrist to sell a computer system for. I certainly felt better when I realized these things.

Now I can enjoy all my Apple products—of which I have a gazillion—in peace.

The reason I felt the need to set the record straight on Apple, is that the company has a knack for tapping into the prophetic flow and making announcements that fit with that flow. If the company were the Antichrist, this really would be an inconvenient truth. As it is, it is simply God using cultural phenomenon to confirm things he is saying.

How has he done this with Apple? Apple has used feline code names for its OS X operating systems since its inception (Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard). This week the company announced that their next operating system, scheduled for release next year, is Lion.

Anyone that follows Bob Jone’s prophetic ministry, knows that the Lord showed Bob that 2011, which began on Rosh Hashanah, is the year of the Lion. On Tuesday of this week, Apple announced that its next operating system, to be released in 2011, is Lion. Since I follow Bob Jones and Apple, I felt the prophetic overtones flow from Apples announcement. I recognized that the the Lord  was using a cultural phenomenon to confirm what he is saying through his prophet.

So what is the year of the Lion all about? It is about authority. The lion is roaring into the ground to release his authority into the earth. We are about to see the Church begin to understand its authority in new ways—and use it.

I know I will be writing more on this in the future. Today, I just wanted to bring the topic up, since Apple has done us the favor of confirming God’s prophetic timetable once again.

Where Did Paula Go?

I like it when hurricanes get shredded. Paula experienced such negative shearing that it dissipated incredibly quickly and is now only a remnant low. That is pretty good for a storm that had, at one time, a forecast a track that extended out until Sunday.

Meteorologist Jeff Masters, of the Weather Underground site (see HERE), wrote this about Paula, “Considering that most Category 2 hurricanes that pass through the Yucatan Channel end up getting their names retired, we got very fortunate with Paula.” What that means is that most Category 2 hurricanes that take Paula’s path in this part of the season become a major hurricane and cause much damage. That is the reason that their names are retired. Paula had great potential to become something really wicked. I believe it did not because the prayer walls held.

I called a prayer meeting on Wednesday evening because we had discovered that God had indeed given us something on Paula. In essence, we were told that Paula would try to gain access to our area of influence, but that we had authority to stop her. We wield our authority through prayer and intercession, so we had a meeting where we firmly locked the door in Paula’s face. We have been praying throughout this season that no hurricane force winds would breach our boundaries. Wednesday night’s prayer meeting was simply to plug any holes and strengthen that wall even more.

When I called the meeting for Wednesday night, South Florida was still in the Paula’s 5 day tracking cone. By the time we met the forecast track had shifted a bit more south, with only the Florida keys in that cone. Shortly after our prayer meeting the track shifted drastically south, contrary winds increased, and Paula was stopped in her tracks and ripped to shreds.

I would call that a successful prayer meeting.

You Know You’re Having a Bad Week When . . .

You know you’re having a bad week when the National Hurricane Center doesn’t quite know where a hurricane in your neighborhood is going, and your wife remembers she had a dream in July that someone named Paula tried to walk uninvited into our house.

Actually, that probably means you are having a good week, because the Lord brought the information forward while there is still plenty of time to have a prayer meeting or two.

Prayer meeting at New Dawn tonight (Wednesday night) at 7:30 PM.

A Benign Hurricane Season

I usually set Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, aside in order to tune in to any messages that the Lord is releasing to me. I often spend the day as quietly as possible, writing out any dreams and interpreting them, and hearing from the Lord on different levels. Bob Jones, who often writes an annual Shepherd’s Rod of revelation he has received on the Yom Kippur, also encourages those who walk in the prophetic to pay attention on that day.

However, I wasn’t able to set the day aside like normal this year. It began on Friday evening, September 17. That was the first day of meetings at New Life Church in Cardigan, Wales. I went to Cardigan to celebrate the congregation’s twentieth anniversary with my good friends, Doug and Janice Bell and their team. I have no doubt that the Lord orchestrated the timing and the events of the trip, so I wasn’t too concerned about changing my normal pattern for that day. I knew the Lord could still release significant revelation, even if I was busy.

I did have several dreams on the Day of Atonement. One of them was about the hurricane season. In the dream, I was telling someone about the benign nature of the hurricane season. I actually used the word benign to describe it. The person to whom I was speaking took issue with me over this description of the season. He or she took a couple of steps over to Florida—we were standing above the mid-Atlantic and we were very large—and pointed to the hedge of protection that went up the coast. Then the person firmly informed me that our prayers had stopped some vicious storms from causing much death and destruction.

I wrote the dream down on Yom Kippur, but promptly forgot it because of the busy nature of the weekend and the ministry that was going on. I didn’t remember it until last night in our Friday night School of the Spirit. I was speaking about the hurricane season, and I mentioned an article that a friend had sent me about the hurricane season. As I quoted the article, I remembered the dream. The part of the article I quoted said this: “Despite dire forecasts, season has been benign for U.S” (see article HERE).

I love those prophetic moments when the Lord suddenly opens your mind to his revelation. I instantly knew that the Lord had given me a dream on Yom Kippur that had used the word benign to describe the hurricane season. I also instantly realized that back on Yom Kippur, during the height of the season, the Lord was setting the record straight. The only reason the season has seemed benign for the United States is because God’s people established the hedges of protection that were necessary.

Early this year, Bob Jones had warned me that South Florida had a storm aimed right at it this year. Bob was more than accurate. We had two. But neither of the systems, Bonnie or Nicole, packed any punch—and Nicole was torn apart before she could even make landfall. Neither storm was able to reach hurricane strength and remained low level nuisance storms as they impacted us. If one of these storms was what Bob saw, that means our prayer hedge prevented development.

Of course, we are still in the hurricane season. Those of us who remember Wilma or Irene remember that they hit in mid to late October. However, we also remember that we were still in the hot, humid summer weather pattern when those storms hit. This year, we have already entered into our winter weather pattern and the dry season in South Florida. As I write this on Saturday morning, the temperature is hovering at seventy degrees as it has all week at this time of day. It sure feels like the hurricane season is over. That doesn’t mean that it is, but it is almost too nice to think about hurricanes.

However, no matter how nice it is, we will stay on the wall doing our job. We will watch. We will pray. And we will continue to prophesy a benign close to the hurricane season.


The picture above comes from the Weather Underground website (http://www.wunderground.com/hurricane/at2010.asp).

Shaking Lisa By the Neck

I’m beginning to think that tropical cyclones named Lisa do not like us. I have never seen a tropical cyclone run away before. But this one sure did. Just look at the graphic; the storm headed east in an area where they always head west. That is amazing to me.

The Lord began to speak to me about a storm named Lisa in early 2004. It wasn’t really a warning dream, but rather an authority dream. In the dream I was shaking the storm by the neck. I know, storms don’t have necks, but this one was personified in such a way that it did.

In addition to the dream, the Lord began to inundate me with “Lisa” stuff. Any of you who have gone through this process, know what I am describing. It seemed that everywhere I turned, and in a myriad of different ways, the Lord highlighted the name Lisa to me. At one point in the process, as I was seeking for more information about what the Lord was saying about the storm, my cell phone rang and a lady asked me, “Is Lisa there?” Since I know very few people with the name Lisa, and since none of them belong to my cell phone number, I politely told her that Lisa was not with me. I also silently added that if I had my way she would never be here.

In 2004, which was a very busy hurricane season, we prayed against Lisa when it formed. We had lots of time to pray since it seemed to last forever, and it confounded the forecasters while it did some bizarre things out in the Atlantic before heading north. Here is the 2004 Lisa track:

Because of some things that the Lord showed us this year, we also prayed against Lisa by name this year. I also mentioned it in this blog so that others could join in the fun. Now that Lisa is history, we can certainly see that our prayers had more effect in 2010 than in 2004. I would think that this should be the case as we mature in our callings and purpose in the Lord. Here is a close up of the 2010 Lisa track:

I might frame this track. It is that good. I like to see them run.

Now let me share something the Lord showed me on January 6, 2000. On that day, the Lord gave me a dream that I didn’t understand at the time. He told me that a young lady named Lisa was being assigned to us in order to equip us and develop us. I didn’t understand it at the time, but now ten years later, I can see how Lisa has done this.

January 6th, for those of you who follow the historic church year, is Epiphany. It celebrates the fact that the baby Jesus was made manifest to the world as the Magi came to visit. The Magi were the King-Makers of the Parthian Empire. These King-Makers came to make the identity of the baby Jesus evident to the world. Jesus was born as King of kings. The Magi came to proclaim his inherent authority.

Some 2000 years later, on the day that celebrates the authority of the King of kings, the Lord gave me a dream that I didn’t understand. I have since learned that the dream was about the authority that those who follow the King of kings can wield. In that way, Hurricane Lisa has fulfilled her job description.

We are still in the height of the hurricane season. I suspect that we will yet need to wield our authority over more intense threats. But we will do so encouraged by this lesson the Lord has given to us.

Lisa, thanks for the training.