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It’s Almost a Quarter of Ten

I was in a study meeting this past Tuesday evening, when the Lord decided to reveal some things to us about what he is doing. One of the people in attendance began to share a dream that she had recently had. The dream was about needing to be someplace at 10:00 AM, but she was not yet ready and it was quarter to ten. The dream was about preparation, growth in Christian character, and the opposition to these things that God’s people experience as they step into his plan for them.

As we discussed the dream and its applications, Dawn got my attention and reminded me that a couple of weeks ago the Lord had told us to watch what happens at quarter to ten. Now I was really intrigued because of the connection between the two things. As we chewed over what “a quarter of/to ten” might mean, someone wondered if it might be speaking about October. Then another person added that October starts a new quarter of the year (a quarter beginning with ten).

As I listened to the discussion, the Lord dropped something into my spirit. I realized that if Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) ushered in the fourth quarter of this year, that we probably had the right interpretation of what God was saying to us. I remembered that Rosh Hashanah fell in early September of this past year, but I also know that it moves around our calendar. So I checked my handy iPhone calendar, which I had previously loaded with Jewish holidays, and found that Rosh Hashanah ended at sundown on September 30, and that October 1 started at sundown of that same day (according to biblical/Jewish reckoning, the next day always starts at sundown). So the Jewish new year is ushered in at the end of the third quarter and the beginning of the fourth quarter (a quarter of ten).

Since I had been given this insight into Rosh Hashanah’s date through revelation, and since it was confirmed by the calendar, I knew that we had hit on the correct interpretation of what God was communicating through using this clock metaphor.

Anyone who is experienced in working with God’s parables/metaphors, whether they occur in the Bible, dreams, or other communications, can appreciate how God led us forward in this search for understanding. According to Proverbs 25:2, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.” God has built truth into his metaphors and similes because it releases his glory into our relationship as we determine that the search for understanding is worth our effort.

In this particular instance, I believe the Lord is telling us to watch what happens beginning with the Jewish New Year this year. It is something for which we must prepare by continued Christian growth, no matter what the opposition to that growth is. It will be something important for the people of God.

Watch what happens at a quarter of ten.

Shaking Things Up!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more shaken, this little tidbit. Dawn heard the Lord tell her that he was about to shake things up, but that it would not come near her tent.

Well, that is exciting.

When I hear about God shaking something up, I wonder just what type of shaking we are discussing. Some shake ups are political, some are economic, some are literal shakings in the earth (earthquakes). Sometimes the “shaking up” is just the Lord filling his people so full of His Spirit that we literally fizz over with his presence.

However, in this case, I’m not thinking that positively. That last little promise that it would not come near her tent implies that it is not something you would want to happen near your tent.

So, let’s let Dawn represent the Body of Christ that is pursuing the Lord. “Why?” you ask. Because Isaiah 60 reminds us that kings will come to the brightness of the dawn of the Body of Christ. That’s why. Dawn often represents those upon whom God’s glory is appearing, in other words, His Body. If she does represent the Body of Christ, then the message is a message of peace. No matter what shakings happen in 2011, His peace can rest on us. That works for me.

If you make the Most High your dwelling—
even the LORD, who is my refuge—
then no harm will befall you,
no disaster will come near your tent.
(Psalm 91:9-10 NIV)

“See, Darkness Covers the Earth . . .”

Did you see the lunar eclipse last night? If you missed it, you can see another one in 2014. However, you are not going to see another one that coincides with the winter solstice until 2094. I don’t know how long it will be before you see one occur on Winter Solstice and is located directly over Florida, but I suspect most of us will see that one through the sea of glass unless Jesus has already come.

Was this eclipse significant on the prophetic calendar? Probably. You see, the Lord is the one who put the lights in the sky as signs (see Genesis 1:14). A lunar eclipse on the shortest day of the year is a “double darkness” sign in the sky. The shortest day of the year produces the least daylight. The lunar eclipse diminishes the light available in the darkness. It was a double darkness event.

But at 3:53 AM last night, after an hour of full eclipse, the light began to shine again. And after the Winter Solstice, each day gets a little lighter.

The Lord has been speaking to us about what he wants to accomplish during this Christmas/New Year’s season and beyond. He wants to release his light to the Church. The moon often prophetically represents the Church. In the same way that the moon reflects the light of the sun, so the Church reflects the light of the Son. A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth gets between the moon and the sun. In the same way the Church can lose its ability to reflect the Son when the things of this earth block our view of him. But according to Isaiah 60, when thick darkness covers the earth (double darkness), the light of the Lord will be released on his people. Last night, on the darkest day of the year, the face of the moon did not reflect any light for a season. But then the light began to shine—and from this point on the days will get longer.

I believe that is the season we are entering.

“. . . but the LORD rises upon you and his glory appears over you.”


A Healing Two-fer

Many of you have probably seen the video of Delia Knox’s healing at the Mobile Revival. Delia had been paralyzed from the waist down for over 22 years. I saw a video of the healing back in September. Since then I have wondered how she was. Those of us who are not in the medical profession do not appreciate the level of healing needed to heal the legs of someone who has been wheel chair bound for 22 years. The muscles in the legs, for all practical purposes, are atrophied to the point of being dead. When Delia was healed, as evidenced by the fact that she was able to lift her legs, she was walking with no balance and virtually no strength. But it was still amazing.

I have wondered how she is doing. Last night we stumbled across a God TV replay of the November 5 meeting of the Mobile Revival. I got my answer.

Actually, we got more than that. We started watching at 9:48 PM last night. I didn’t even realize it was the Mobile Revival and that Delia had been healed there. But at about 10:10 PM, Dawn heard the Lord say, “Watch what happens at 10:15 PM. That’s what I am going to do (at New Dawn).” That got Dawn’s attention. This is even more significant when you factor in the fact that Dawn didn’t know anything about the Mobile Revival, or Delia’s healing.

At 10:15 PM, Nathan Morris, the evangelist, started telling about Delia Knox. I’ve included seven minutes of video below. You can see the whole thing, including Delia’s testimony at God.TV (Start at about 100 minutes). In her testimony, Delia points out that the Lord healed her heart first, then he healed her body. That is a miracle two-fer.

The Lord is releasing healing to the Body of Christ. When the Lord spoke to Dawn last night he confirmed that this is not something that is only for Mobile. It is for his Body.

Here is the video excerpt:

Dancing Elephants

Breaking Prophetic News Flash: Something is going to happen next Tuesday that will make Republicans dance.

OK, that’s not really a breaking piece of news. For months polls have been trending toward large Republican gains next week Tuesday. What is news, is that I finally got some information from the Lord that isn’t a poll. He showed me a vision of dancing elephants as I was dialing down last night. That’s a disturbing image when one is trying to fall asleep.

In the past, when the Lord has spoken to me about the Republican party, he has used the culturally appropriate symbol of the elephant. So when I saw these elephants dancing, I knew the topic was the Republican party. The dancing represented celebration. The immediacy of the election turns my interpretation to next Tuesday.

Why would elephants dance? Well, of course, to celebrate something. But I can’t imagine that level of celebration over modest gains next Tuesday. That level of celebration indicates something much bigger than that.

As a result of this vision, I am beginning to believe that the polls are right. The center of this country is motivated and ready to get to the polling places next week and trust the Republican party to help our nation. They will hand victory to the Republican party. It will be “dancing level” victory.

Now if the Republicans do more with this trust than dance, things might just work out for our nation. No matter what, God’s people will need to continue to pray for godly wisdom for all those who lead our country.