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Shaking Lisa By the Neck

I’m beginning to think that tropical cyclones named Lisa do not like us. I have never seen a tropical cyclone run away before. But this one sure did. Just look at the graphic; the storm headed east in an area where they always head west. That is amazing to me.

The Lord began to speak to me about a storm named Lisa in early 2004. It wasn’t really a warning dream, but rather an authority dream. In the dream I was shaking the storm by the neck. I know, storms don’t have necks, but this one was personified in such a way that it did.

In addition to the dream, the Lord began to inundate me with “Lisa” stuff. Any of you who have gone through this process, know what I am describing. It seemed that everywhere I turned, and in a myriad of different ways, the Lord highlighted the name Lisa to me. At one point in the process, as I was seeking for more information about what the Lord was saying about the storm, my cell phone rang and a lady asked me, “Is Lisa there?” Since I know very few people with the name Lisa, and since none of them belong to my cell phone number, I politely told her that Lisa was not with me. I also silently added that if I had my way she would never be here.

In 2004, which was a very busy hurricane season, we prayed against Lisa when it formed. We had lots of time to pray since it seemed to last forever, and it confounded the forecasters while it did some bizarre things out in the Atlantic before heading north. Here is the 2004 Lisa track:

Because of some things that the Lord showed us this year, we also prayed against Lisa by name this year. I also mentioned it in this blog so that others could join in the fun. Now that Lisa is history, we can certainly see that our prayers had more effect in 2010 than in 2004. I would think that this should be the case as we mature in our callings and purpose in the Lord. Here is a close up of the 2010 Lisa track:

I might frame this track. It is that good. I like to see them run.

Now let me share something the Lord showed me on January 6, 2000. On that day, the Lord gave me a dream that I didn’t understand at the time. He told me that a young lady named Lisa was being assigned to us in order to equip us and develop us. I didn’t understand it at the time, but now ten years later, I can see how Lisa has done this.

January 6th, for those of you who follow the historic church year, is Epiphany. It celebrates the fact that the baby Jesus was made manifest to the world as the Magi came to visit. The Magi were the King-Makers of the Parthian Empire. These King-Makers came to make the identity of the baby Jesus evident to the world. Jesus was born as King of kings. The Magi came to proclaim his inherent authority.

Some 2000 years later, on the day that celebrates the authority of the King of kings, the Lord gave me a dream that I didn’t understand. I have since learned that the dream was about the authority that those who follow the King of kings can wield. In that way, Hurricane Lisa has fulfilled her job description.

We are still in the height of the hurricane season. I suspect that we will yet need to wield our authority over more intense threats. But we will do so encouraged by this lesson the Lord has given to us.

Lisa, thanks for the training.

Igor, Julia, and Karl—Oh My!

When the National Hurricane Center (NHC) points out that we are at the height of the hurricane season, they are not kidding. At this point we have three active systems that have formed in the Atlantic.

Igor doesn’t appear to be much of an issue for the United States. It could certainly become an issue for Bermuda, but it appears that it will not be an issue elsewhere.

Karl looks like it will remain a tropical storm as it makes landfall in Mexico. Of course, rain events that cause flooding and mudslides can be deadly, so it would not hurt to pray for the safety of those who dwell in the Yucatan and other parts of Mexico.

Julia is still too far away to determine exactly what she is doing. The current three day track shows it bending on a north to west curve toward the United States mainland for those three days, and then moving directly north in the days after that.

And after all this, the next named storm will be Lisa. If Lisa forms and is aimed anywhere near Florida, I will tell you more about what I have on it. In the mean time I’m going to continue to thank the Lord for his protection thus far, and I’m going to continue to pray for that same protection for the rest of the season.


From the “What were they thinking?” department. The National Hurricane Center retired the name Frances in 2004. They replaced it with Fiona. Those of us with spiritual insight immediately asked the key question, “If you name a tropical storm Fiona, can a Shrek be far behind?”

Fortunately, Fiona hasn’t been the ogre her name portends. Her ears, however, remain interesting.

Update on Earl: Hurricane Earl’s hurricane force winds remained off shore as it approached North Carolina. It is now only an 80 mph category 1 storm, and appears poised to miss the United States mainland completely.

Someone contacted me about the post on Earl and asked if I meant to write “Wind Shear” instead of “Wind Sheer.” Wind shear occurs when contrary winds shear the top off a storm and prevent the storm from developing. I asked people to pray for wind sheer, a clear misspelling of the word shear. However, sheer is a word that means “to swerve or change course.” I submit that although I may have missed the mark on shear, God answered the prayers for sheer.

The change of course is obvious in Earl’s path as it sheered away from shore:


The graphic on the left is not a prophetic prediction of Earl’s path. I took the graphic from the National Hurricane Center (NHC) website, and added a yellow line in order to highlight Earl’s direction for the last three days. The NHC has predicted that Earl will curve to the north some time tomorrow because of the atmospheric conditions.

This is what the hurricane center stated in its latest report:


The relentless movement to the northwest is what concerns me. I trust they are right about the turn to the north, but I also remember many times when the NHC has missed the track because of last minute changes in the pressure ridges, or because of Satan’s nasty little plans.

I also know of a prophetic word from a well-known prophetic voice who saw that the Carolinas needed prayer this year because of a threat from a hurricane. Earl certainly qualifies as such a threat.

It would be a great time to pray for the Carolinas.

Please pray specifically that Earl curve northward this evening and tomorrow in order to miss the coast of the Carolinas (and beyond). If you live in the threatened areas, use the authority you have over your geographic area to establish a wall of protection against any hurricane force winds. We will join our prayers to yours. Pray also for dry air to encroach on this thing and that wind sheer would increase.

The Body of Christ has authority over the natural. I expect that we will have many more times to exercise that authority yet this year. Let’s exercise it now so that Earl turns harmlessly north.

2004 Hurricane Season Redux

Last Friday night we held a prayer meeting to intercede about the hurricane season. This was our third preemptive prayer meeting this season. We only hold three such scheduled prayer meetings during the hurricane season. Of course, we also hold specially-scheduled prayer meetings if South Florida is painted into the “cone of uncertainty,” or if we hear that the Weather Channel’s storm reporter, Jim Cantore, has booked a flight in our general direction.

At last Friday’s prayer meeting I rehearsed what I knew so far about this season. Earlier in the year, I had a strong feeling that this season was going to be like the 2004 season. The Lord does speak to me through these strong feelings, so I have begun looking more closely at the 2004 season. While 2004 was not like the busy and devastating 2005 season, it still did a bunch of damage to Florida and other areas of the United States.

On Friday night as we were praying, the Lord gave me one of those “Ah Ha!” moments. As I looked over the storm names for this season, I realized that this year’s storm names are the same ones used in 2004. While I know that the annual list of storm names is used in a rotation, I didn’t realize that we were on 2004’s list. When I realized this, I realized the Lord has really been trying to communicate to us about this hurricane season.

So what can we expect if I am correct that this season is going to be like the 2004 season? Well, first we can expect a fairly busy season. We had fifteen named systems during 2004—seven more than last year. We also saw major damage in Florida from five of these storms. So the 2004 season wasn’t a good season for residents of Florida (or for the insurance industry). I would hope that after six more years of intercessory development since 2004, that the praying Church will be more successful at releasing protection over our areas of influence this year. So while the season may be busy, my focus will be on praying away the damaging storms. We really do not want a repeat of the destruction unleashed in the 2004 season.

The other thing about the 2004 season was that the Lord had spoken to us about two specific named storms before the 2004 season began. As it happened, neither of these storms came near South Florida, so we didn’t know if the dreams were for the 2004 season.

I’ve already written about Bonnie, which was one of the storms. Bonnie did hit northern Florida in 2004, however, the dream was about Bonnie hitting South Florida. Bonnie did hit South Florida this year (see my post on Bonnie HERE). I’m not absolutely sure how all this works, since I learn more about how the Lord speaks to us about storms every season, but I find it incredible that the Lord spoke to us about Bonnie eight years before Bonnie actually hit us. So, of course, now I’m wondering about this other storm. It also did not get that close to South Florida in 2004. Are we looking at another Bonnie moment? Time will tell.

That is the nice thing about working with the hurricane season. We learn a lot about how the Lord speaks to us because we can test our understanding against what really happens. We can then correct our understanding and hopefully get better every year at discerning what the Lord is saying to us. I’ll keep you informed as the season progresses if the Lord gives us anything more on a specific storm, or the season in general.

We are entering into the busiest part of the hurricane season. Danielle was named this morning. Although she doesn’t appear to pose a threat to any interests in the United States, she is a reminder that the busy season is here. Please pay attention, and pray appropriately.