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Walking in Your Vision

VisionWalk300X400Now is the time to press in for healing for your eyes and your feet. God is speaking about improving our vision, and our ability to walk that vision out. When he begins to speak about spiritual truth, he will often demonstrate it in the natural through physical healing. He is doing that very thing right now.

The Vision

I had coffee the other morning with a friend of many years. He told me about something the Lord showed him while he was at the eye doctor recently. My friend is near-sighted (unable to see far), and has astigmatism. As a result, his glasses are the progressive vision type. However, because he has the type of astigmatism that can actually get better as you age, his prescription is changing. The eye doctor told him that he could tell that his eyes were getting better because of how he had to move his head in order to read. Rather than performing a simple movement to read, my friend had begun, unconsciously, to hold his head “just so” in order to make up for the difference between his better vision and his prescription glasses. If left unchecked, this would have caused levels of physical stress to my friend’s head and neck. The doctor, of course, fitted him with a new prescription so that he could once again have a normal range of movement when he wore his glasses, eliminating the stress.

Pay attention, I am writing about more than eye glasses. This is a parable about spiritual vision. As a result of his visit to the eye doctor, the Lord began to speak to my friend about spiritual vision. The Lord showed him how often the body of Christ gets stressed because it attempts to fit itself to an old vision, and how often increased vision (revelation) requires a change in our tools.

When my friend told me this story, he did not know something I had just shared with my congregation on the Sunday before our meeting. I had told my congregation that my eyesight has been getting better.

I have fought the need to using reading glasses since I turned forty lo those many moons ago. When I first noticed the need for reading glasses, I bought some +1.25 glasses from a wholesale store. For those of you who do not know, that level of magnification is like  starter reading glasses. Since that time, about a decade, I have had that same level of magnification. During that time I have persevered and prayed that I would not need to increase the magnification, and would even try not to use them if I could do so comfortably. As a result, I am very aware of what I can and cannot read without reading glasses.

I became aware of a change while I was reading a credit card brochure a couple weeks ago. While I was reading the fine print, it suddenly occurred to me that I was reading the very small print without any reading glasses. I noticed that I could even read the very small print under the boxes where you fill in your details if you want to apply. I was a bit shocked because I haven’t been able to read such small print without using reading glasses for quite some time. But now I found that I could.

I was pleased by this change, and did share what was happening with my congregation, but I did not put a spiritual lesson to it—other than encouraging people to press in for healing. Within days the Lord made certain that my friend would not only have a similar experience, but the Lord also made certain that my friend would understand the spiritual point and share it with me.

The message is this: The Lord is increasing our vision. This is going to require some changes on our part.

The Walk

Why will increased vision require change? The problem with increased vision is that it not only helps us see God’s plan, but it can also help us see the obstacles more clearly. God’s plan is to take us through the obstacles, but that will only work if we don’t get consumed by worries about the obstacles.

The Lord wants to help us avoid this trap. He recently told us, “I am healing feet right now.” He then explained, helpfully, that it was a sign. He told us that we was going to do this “because people need to walk in a greater level of peace right now. They need to be in peace for what is coming.”

Many prophetic people have begun to walk in an increased vision of what is coming. Some of the things that are coming do not look all that pleasant. If you lack peace, you will miss what God is doing as you stress out over perceived problems. If you have peace, you can be used by God to bring relief and refreshing to those around you. So, as God is healing eyesight (vision), he is also healing feet (peace). These two things must go together so that we remain balanced and faith-filled in our walk.

As I wrote at the beginning of the article, press in for physical healing if you have issues with either your eyes or your feet. But more importantly, also allow God to work on your spiritual vision, and to release the spiritual fruit called peace into your life. It will bear even greater dividends as we walk out our visions together.


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Prophetic Fulfillments on the Uptick

Earlier this year, a long time member of New Dawn congregation had a dream. In that dream she was pregnant, and it was the end of October. She knew she was supposed to have the baby in November, so even though the baby wanted to come, she was trying to make it to November.

That is a pretty simple dream. As she reminded me of it this past Sunday, it was apparent to me that the dream had been about what God was intending to birth at New Dawn during the month of November. We wanted things come sooner, but the Lord’s plan was for November.

Tom and Mary Anne Hardiman helped us dedicate our new facility on the second weekend of November. We have been in the building since September, but we delayed the dedication until Tom and Mary Anne were able to make it to South Florida. Tom is the head of the MorningStar Fellowship of Churches, and Mary Anne is one of the elders of the MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries. As such, they are a significant part of our spiritual covering. The Lord clearly showed us that they needed to be involved in dedicating our new place of worship. We didn’t know all the Lord’s reasons, but it was apparent that they were here to help deliver the baby.

What is the baby? God is birthing things here that he has prophesied for years. We have seen prophecies fulfilled from 2002, 2004, and 2008 in just a week and a half. When you wait years to see a prophecy fulfilled, and then you see three significant ones fulfilled in a week and a half, you know God is up to something.

I’ll take the prophecies in order. Back in 2002 Bob Jones (a prophetic mentor) prophesied about a particular healing angel that would be released to minister in our congregation. On Saturday of last week the Lord told me that the angel had arrived. Since I believe this angel is supposed to have immediate impact, I expected to have immediate confirmation as we prayed for people on Sunday that healing was being released on a higher level. We prayed for a lot of people on Sunday, but the prayer was for digestive and stomach issues. You can’t instantaneously verify healing of the digestive tract since many issues are intermittent and take time to see if healing has taken place. However, a couple of our folks went to pray for a friend with a blood clot in her leg on Sunday afternoon. When they prayed for her swollen foot and ankle, the foot and ankle returned to normal size in front of their eyes. As they told me about it, they described the “whooping and hollering” that started taking place because of the obvious supernatural touch from God. I had expected to see confirmation of the angel’s healing presence, and I wasn’t disappointed. I believe Bob’s prophecy is being fulfilled.

In 2004, the Lord spoke to me about Cuba. I have written about that in two different blog posts (you can read them HERE and HERE). What the Lord told me came to pass on November 10th. Check out those two articles for the details, but the point is, that long awaited prophecies are being fulfilled during this season.

The final one I will highlight (there is a lot more happening), is from 2008. This one is just a bit odd. Let me start by sharing what happened on Saturday afternoon. I came home from an event that I had been at, and as I drove in our driveway I saw that my wife, Dawn, was working around the house outside. It was a beautiful day, so I walked over by her just to enjoy the weather with her. As we talked, she told me that she had been stung by a bee.* The reason that she was telling me is that it did not have any effect on her arm. She showed me the spot she was stung, and it was only slightly red (and fading), and there was no swelling, though you could see the spot that the stinger had gone in. You can believe she was pretty happy about the lack of negative impact.

It was only later that she remembered that the Lord had spoken to her years ago about this event. He had told her that when she was stung by a bee, and it had no impact, that would be a sign that a particular word would be fulfilled. But she could not remember what it was all about. So we began our search of old journals to find out what this was all about. It took a couple hours, but we found the word from March, 2008. The Lord has told Dawn some things for our congregation that would be coming. When Dawn asked when, the Lord told her that it would happen when she was stung by a bee, but the sting would have no negative impact.

You just have to enjoy the Lord. His creative way of showing us things, and even the quirky stuff he chooses to communicate through, all highlight his personal attention to each individual. Dawn, like most people, absolutely loathes the idea of being stung by a bee or hornet. Her loathing has made her into a terror to the hornet population around our house. But the Lord was able to use this particular part of her personality to make an impression she would not forget when the event finally occurred.

So what had the Lord told Dawn that this event would signify? I can’t get into details, but I can say that what he told her fits perfectly well with the healing angel being released to us. So we had one more prophetic confirmation that the Lord is doing something in this arena.

There are other things happening that demonstrate the birthing that is occurring. I wanted to share these things as an encouragement. The writer to the Hebrews taught us that “through faith and patience” we inherit the promises of the Kingdom (Hebrews 6:12). We have been patiently waiting for these particular things to happen. Now, their fulfillment is upon us.


*At first Dawn didn’t quite know what stung her, a hornet or a bee. She knew it was dark like a hornet, but it looked odd to her. We later saw that there were carpenter bees at the place she was stung. They are a darker colored bee.

A Healing Two-fer

Many of you have probably seen the video of Delia Knox’s healing at the Mobile Revival. Delia had been paralyzed from the waist down for over 22 years. I saw a video of the healing back in September. Since then I have wondered how she was. Those of us who are not in the medical profession do not appreciate the level of healing needed to heal the legs of someone who has been wheel chair bound for 22 years. The muscles in the legs, for all practical purposes, are atrophied to the point of being dead. When Delia was healed, as evidenced by the fact that she was able to lift her legs, she was walking with no balance and virtually no strength. But it was still amazing.

I have wondered how she is doing. Last night we stumbled across a God TV replay of the November 5 meeting of the Mobile Revival. I got my answer.

Actually, we got more than that. We started watching at 9:48 PM last night. I didn’t even realize it was the Mobile Revival and that Delia had been healed there. But at about 10:10 PM, Dawn heard the Lord say, “Watch what happens at 10:15 PM. That’s what I am going to do (at New Dawn).” That got Dawn’s attention. This is even more significant when you factor in the fact that Dawn didn’t know anything about the Mobile Revival, or Delia’s healing.

At 10:15 PM, Nathan Morris, the evangelist, started telling about Delia Knox. I’ve included seven minutes of video below. You can see the whole thing, including Delia’s testimony at God.TV (Start at about 100 minutes). In her testimony, Delia points out that the Lord healed her heart first, then he healed her body. That is a miracle two-fer.

The Lord is releasing healing to the Body of Christ. When the Lord spoke to Dawn last night he confirmed that this is not something that is only for Mobile. It is for his Body.

Here is the video excerpt:

Living Above the Natural

I had a fun time yesterday sharing a message on an important application of grace in our lives. One of the things I have noted in our quest for God’s power in our lives, is the common tendency to want to offer advice to those who are seeking healing.

What that often looks like is this: Someone comes for a supernatural touch from God — they want prayer so that they might be healed. A faithful Christian will pray for them using the authority that God has given them. That should end the transaction. The person seeking healing has lived above the natural by seeking healing, and the person who is praying is living above the natural by praying for them. Both parties in this spiritually powerful transaction are living in supernatural grace, and the heavens rejoice. But then it often happens. A bit of supernatural insecurity sneaks in to the person praying.

You see, we have a problem. We can pray for someone, but we often are unable to verify the results because of the nature of the malady. Or, the malady is obvious, and we see no immediate results. Since Christians are people of compassion, and want to help in some way, we are just a bit frustrated at the lack of obvious power. We forget that every spiritual encounter has some level of benefit and power. We forget that we are being trained through every prayer encounter to pray with more authority and power the next time. We forget that perseverance in prayer is often the key to breakthrough. We forget these and myriad other truths because we are frustrated by the fact that we do not often see an immediate, miraculous response to our prayers [Fortunately, there are times that we do, thank the Lord].

We want to help, so we are tempted to go beyond the original intent of the person who is seeking the healing. As a result, without intending to do so, we divert what was supposed to be a supernatural transaction into a natural one. We take a “living above the natural moment” and bring it crashing down into the ordinary.

How? Many Christians succumb to the temptation and begin to offer advice on how to overcome the malady through diet, medication, or some other treatment.

To say that this is inappropriate is a staggering understatement. Never mind that there are well-qualified practitioners of these natural sciences readily available to the one seeking prayer. Never mind that the person seeking prayer could have easily found a nutritionist or doctor who is willing and able to help — and actually has the credentials and expertise to do so with some level of authority. Those are not the most egregious problems with this approach. The most critical problem is that a person who has decided to walk in supernatural (above the natural) faith, is brought crashing down from those heights to the natural by the very person whom they approached for supernatural intervention.

My brothers (and sisters), this should not be.

Unfortunately, I have noticed a growing trend among supernaturally-minded Christians not to entrust themselves to local churches for prayer because of this all-too-common violation. In most cases, the person seeking prayer is far more informed about the condition than the person praying. Yet they will humble themselves and approach a brother or sister in Christ asking for a supernatural touch. When the less informed brother or sister offers unsolicited (and often simplistic) advice on nutrition, medicine, or medical practitioners, the person seeking prayer feels like they have been spiritually abused. Thus, they no longer seek that spiritual touch in the local church where this abuse often occurs. Instead they seek the anonymity of conferences and healing meetings, if they even retain the faith to entrust themselves to any Christian. This unfortunate dynamic short-circuits God’s plan for the local church on many different levels.

I have asked the members of our congregation not to offer advice to the people for whom they are praying. I have done this in order to protect the unspoken, sacred contract that exists between the parties in healing prayer. I have authorized every member of the congregation as spiritual referees who are prepared to point out the provisions of this sacred contract when they hear another beginning to offer advice or correction to those seeking prayer. I have done this to protect the individual who is seeking prayer from this sort of behavior, and so that we uphold the sacred nature of the transaction in which we are involved.

I want us to live above the natural. I believe the Lord does also. I also believe, we will see much more authority released as we limit ourselves to the supernatural, and truly depend on supernatural response when we pray for people. That doesn’t mean that those for whom we pray will not seek the natural intervention of doctors, nutritionists, etc. It only means that when they come for prayer, we recognize that at that time, and at that moment, we are involved in something on a higher level. Let’s not sully it by going where we should not, and need not, go.