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Watching the Lightning

A few months ago the Lord repeated something that he has been speaking to us. He told us to watch the lightning activity this year. He spoke of a cleansing (natural and spiritual) that he would release through it. I posted two articles on it HERE and HERE.

I was reminded of this direction as Bill Perry and I drove into Hartsville, SC on Friday afternoon. Hartsville had an unusual weather event going on this past Friday. A thunder storm developed over it and sat on it for four hours or so. There was intense rain and lots of lightning. When we checked the weather radar, we noted the storm was circulating in an odd fashion that kept it stationary over Hartsville.

When we drove into town, we could not get through to our destination because lightning had struck an outbuilding at the site of a Hartsville landmark, and fire equipment was blocking the road. Complicating matters, the local high school’s graduation was scheduled, and traffic piled up on the streets of this normally quiet rural town so that you could not get there from here (“there” meaning: anywhere you really wanted to go).

Through it all, the lightning kept hitting loudly in close proximity. I can miss key prophetic indicators just like anyone else. But when an unusual weather event sits on top of your head for hours, and gets the whole town buzzing about it, it is pretty hard to miss the prophetic neon sign flashing, “Pay Attention! This is a Message!”

What is the message? That God is moving in this area. That cleansing is coming in new and fresh ways. I’ll leave the application up to Bill and the others who labor in the area, since they know the needs better than I do. However, I did see one headline about the weather that read, “Hartsville High postpones 2010 graduation.” In the article, the NBC affiliate from Myrtle Beach reported that the graduation was postponed until Saturday morning because of the inclement weather.

There could be a message in that for all of us. We all want desperately to graduate into the things of God’s Kingdom. We want to get our spiritual diplomas and get on with our callings. We certainly do not want any delays. However, God is thorough, and he will complete every last bit of his preparation so that the ground is completely prepared for our advance. From our perspective, it may delay things a bit, and it may look like inclement weather. But once the cleansing is past, we can move on with our callings, and graduate into the freshness of a rain-washed morning on a beautiful day in May in South Carolina.

From South Carolina: I’m watching the lightning.

Headline: Oil Stays Away from South Florida for Now

Since I am out of town, I missed this really good news in the Sun-Sentinel. The full headline reads:

Oil stays away from South Florida for now

Changes in loop current mean portion of Gulf slick no longer headed here

That is incredibly good news. When you read further into the article, you find this little tidbit:

An eddy at the top of the current has drawn away the portion of the slick that had been caught in the current. And at the south end, another eddy has pinched off the current entirely.

The loop current had two things occur to it. First, an eddy took the oil already trapped out of it. Second, the current itself has stopped (!).

So, intercessors, be encouraged and keep praying for Florida’s coastline. It is having impact.

This Hurricane Season

Well, the good news is that we have tremendous authority. The even better news is that we will have opportunity to exercise that authority this season!

Excited? Well, we should be. We are told that in the book of Daniel, that as we approach the difficulties that accompany the end of our age, “. . . the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits” (Daniel 11:32 NKJV). It looks like we will have an opportunity to do exploits this hurricane season.

I am at the MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries conference. I am enjoying renewing many relationships, but I am also paying close attention to what the Lord is saying in this setting. Bob Jones spoke this morning. He told us that years ago the Lord had shown him a demon in the gulf that would feed on oil. He believes that the oil spill that is out there now is a fulfillment of that revelation. He also mentioned that the Lord had shown him that another demon would rise up in a hurricane to the south of the oil spill, and would become a major threat in the area.

I also met with Bob briefly, and he concurred with my assessment when I said that the Lord was showing me we would have an active season.

This is probably a great time to remind everyone that we have set the first and third Friday nights of June to pray over the hurricane season. We have been given some targets. It is time for exploits.

The United States’ Glory

I had a dream the other night that speaks about the path the United States is charting at this moment. It was encouraging, but it also was firmly steeped in the reality of our current situation.

In the dream I was watching the space shuttle as it was lifting off. As usual it was an impressive sight. However, as it got further up into the higher atmosphere, it began to fly erratically. Then it eventually took a downward turn and descended on a flight path toward a crash landing. At that point in the dream, an elderly intercessor I know was called on to go in and pick up the pieces.

Encouraged yet? First, be aware that I do not believe this is about an actual shuttle launch. We have had some tragedies with our shuttles, and we certainly do not want another. However, the space shuttle has been one of those premier evidences of the preeminent glory of the United States in the world. When I have a space shuttle dream, it is usually about what is going on in the United States.

The shuttle’s launch represents the founding of our nation. That makes perfect sense when you realize that the shuttle’s launch requires an amazing amount of energy, a lot of shaking, and a slow build up of momentum. You could use that same description to refer to the founding of our nation.The picture still works for the subsequent history of our nation when you recognize that as the shuttle picks up momentum, the ride smooths out a bit, and great distances are covered in little time. You could easily build a time-line of the United States that reflects such shaking, followed by major advances in short periods of time.

At this point, you might be focused on the crash. Don’t be. All nations eventually crash. They plant the seeds of their own destruction or dissolution through unwise policies adopted while they are attempting to achieve orbit. Nations do reap what they sow. Since most nations eventually turn away from the wisdom of biblical moral and economic principles, they will eventually harvest decay and even destruction. So, of course the United States is going to end its “glory tenure” at some point in the future. Our prayers (as U.S. citizens praying for the good of our nation) are that it is later rather than sooner. However, even when that day comes, there is hope for the United States. The elderly intercessor in the dream represents Godly wisdom “picking up the pieces” of the United States’ standing and position in the world, and building anew.

At this point in our history, I believe that we are on the erratic part of the path. In that part of the dream, the shuttle’s flight path began to become wildly erratic. During that time it was still ascending for quite a long time. However, it certainly didn’t look very pretty.

I believe that this dream is a message that the United States isn’t about to lose its preeminent position among the nations just yet. From administration to administration, and decade to decade, we may have challenging policy shifts that could cause whiplash to those who are not properly “belted in.” But for those who are part of God’s intercessory Kingdom that cannot be shaken (the “belted in” ones), we will always be around to pick up the pieces after man’s wisdom runs out.

I am encouraged by this dream. It recognizes the fickle nature of our current policies, and indicates that not even this will stop the United States’ continued climb in the near term. However, inevitably, we will eventually reap what we have sown, and lose that status. It won’t be a swift fall as we follow a descending path, but it will be steady. After that, intercessors will undergird the next phase of our nation’s history.

So what is the application of the dream? I believe that the Lord is helping us understand that substantial swings in our country’s political and economic climate are going to be a normal part of our future. If we take our stand on the rock, we will not become disoriented or distracted. Since his Kingdom cannot be shaken, the sudden course changes will only unsettle us if we allow them to do so. If we stay in peace, we can thrive and prosper through the continued, erratic ascent of our nation.

A Whale Watches Over Israel

A friend sent me a link to this article the other day. The article is entitled, “Scientists stunned as grey whale sighted off Israel.” This doesn’t appear to be earthshaking news, except that the Lord has been speaking to us about whales for the last year or so. In the imagery of the prophetic, at least as the Lord has been speaking to us, he and his purposes have been represented by a whale.

So the article is certainly intriguing. It starts out by saying, “The appearance of a grey whale off the coast of Israel has stunned scientists, in what was thought to be the first time the giant mammal has been seen outside the Pacific in several hundred years.”

This certainly is interesting timing, especially when you factor in recent reports that Israel is under threat of imminent attack by its enemies (See this nine minute video for an explanation of the threat). Those of us who recognize that God wants to communicate with his people using whatever means is at hand, certainly are alert to such juxtapositions of content. One report tells us that Israel is under threat, the next report is that a gray whale, not seen outside of the Pacific Ocean for several hundred years, just happens to show up off the coast of Israel. Add the fact that God has been using the whale to speak of his provision and protection, and you have a prophetic picture to share.

We live in times where tensions can flare up at any moment. Isn’t it good to know that the Lord is on the job?