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One of my friends was running in the Republican Primary for an Ohio congressional seat in the United States House of Representatives. The primary was held this past Tuesday.

His name is Hombre, just like the movie. You might want to ask him about that some day.

When he announced his bid, I had a chance to speak with him and encourage him. I really felt that the Lord was directing him to do this, but I also cautioned that just because the Lord was telling him to do this, didn’t mean that he would get the primary win, or even if he did, that he would win the general election. My friend is mature enough in the Lord so that he immediately agreed with me and told me that he already understood this.

I was impressed by that maturity as he took on this difficult task. Many times we assume that if the Lord tells us to do something, that we will be met with automatic success. That just isn’t the case.

I am reminded of a story written in the book of Judges. It is an ugly episode in Israel’s history about rape and murder in the tribe of Benjamin. When Benjamin refused to punish the evil doers, all of Israel came together to confront the tribe. When the rest of Israel inquired of the Lord, he directed them to attack Benjamin, and yet they were still defeated. This happened two days in a row. On the third day they were able to hear the correct strategy from the Lord and overwhelmingly defeated the tribe of Benjamin (see Judges 20). Each day they approached battle after a defeat, they needed to overcome their losses and their discouragement, and continue to pursue the Lord for the correct strategy until they found it. That is what overcomers do.

I believe that one of our problems is that when we meet our first set-back on a path the Lord has set us upon, we often give up and assume we have not really heard from the Lord. That is a mistake. Often the Lord is using events to train us for the future victories that will come when we have assimilated the lessons we have learned along the way.

In Hombre’s case, his run gave him opportunities to debate publicly, and to build a dedicated following and network of important relationships. It also began to give him the vital name recognition that every politician needs. I’m sure there were many more benefits.

I donated what I could to Hombre’s campaign, and communicated as I could to others so that they would know about him. I believed his run was from the Lord, no matter the outcome.

As I have already written, the primary was held this past Tuesday. Unfortunately, Hombre did not win the nomination. However, he did win respect and honor from many people who now see him as a viable candidate for the future. I am looking forward to his next bid for public office. I will be a proud supporter at that time, also.

Finding the Ark?

I have received a lot of contacts about the news reports on Tuesday that Noah’s ark has been found. A team of Chinese and Turkish Evangelicals has claimed that they are 99.9% certain that they have found the ark. I hope they are correct, but we will not know for sure until further research and exploration is done.

The Lord showed us back in 2007 that the ark would be found soon. I wrote about it on this blog (You can read it HERE). In fact, I wrote an opinion piece for the Sun-Sentinel about the ark at that time because of what the Lord showed us. You can still read that opinion piece on the Sun-Sentinel’s site HERE. If that site is ever unavailable, I did reprint the article HERE.

Has the ark been found? Only time will tell. However, when the Lord spoke to Rick Joyner about the ark, he told him that its discovery would have the impact of twenty-thousand anointed evangelists. So, I hope they have found it. If this isn’t it, someone is going to find it soon. The Lord has promised.