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The BP Oil Spill and the End of the World

I knew the title would get your attention. I think it is a good title simply because I have done a lot of reading today on the BP oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico. Depending on what sites you visit, the spill is either a terrible environmental disaster, an apocalyptic fulfillment of prophetic scriptures, or the end of all coastal communities around the gulf up to fifty miles inland (except for Florida, which will be total toast).

As I have perused these sites today, I have seen recommendations for all families with small children to leave the gulf coast, as well as recommendations for everyone to leave Florida. Fortunately, none of these recommendations are coming from credible authorities, or anyone who isn’t obviously dealing with a spirit of fear, manipulation, or in some cases, an obvious case of emotional instability. I have also noticed sites that are publishing lurid scenarios in an attempt to boost their page count and make more money on their advertising (people can be wicked).

My favorite scenario involves a volcanic steam reaction at the bottom of the gulf that sends a tsunami of between twenty and eighty feet in height that totally destroys Florida. One person who posted this stated that this makes sense because Florida is only a couple inches above sea level. The folks in Orlando, at 106 feet above sea level, would be a bit surprised to hear that. Florida’s mean elevation is 98 feet above sea level. Even in southeast Florida, where things are pretty low, we are more than a “couple inches” above sea level (Coral Springs is at thirteen feet above sea level). The idea that an eighty foot tsunami would devastate all of Florida is ludicrous beyond belief, and yet it is being spread by email and web site posts even as you read this. Fear does not have to be rational.

I did a bit of study on how far a tsunami would travel inland in Florida. As I looked around, I noted that even the scientists that have promulgated the Canary Island Tsunami canard (an impossible scenario that cable television runs again and again for ratings) have the decency to point out that a 50 meter (164 feet) high tsunami smashing into Florida would only inundate a couple of kilometers of coastal area (slightly over a mile inland). Anyone that states that an oil/steam/methane (take your pick) explosion in the gulf would generate a tsunami that would destroy Florida is writing fiction. Unfortunately, when you haven’t taken the time to research the scenarios, that fiction can stir a lot of fear and anxiety in people.

The BP oil spill is bad. It will probably get a lot worse and it could change all of our lives for the worse in some ways. However, we must respond to that bad news with focused prayer, not fear. We don’t need to make things up about it, nor do we need to listen to those who do. When Bob Jones spoke to me about this in May, he told me that it was worse than most people realized, and that we needed to persevere in prayer over it. We will need God’s help to stop this thing. He responds to faith. Let’s stay far away from the fear. After all, it is not the end of the world.

Submarines on My Mind

Yesterday I read an article that reported on new tensions that are being revealed between the United States and China. Several high ranking Chinese military and political figures have made strongly antagonistic statements about the United States and its relationship with China. While State Department officials have attempted to downplay the fissure, there is no denying that the Chinese Foreign Ministry pulled in the welcome mat for Defense Secretary Robert Gates. His long-scheduled trip to China was abruptly canceled by the Chinese on June 3. While much of this type of behavior is normal between competing major powers who really don’t trust each other, it does demonstrate how fragile our relationships can be with other major players on the world scene.

Perhaps it was because of my ruminations on this issue, that I had a rather odd dream last night. I believe it contains a message about Russia’s relationship with the United States, and it did not present a trouble-free picture. In the dream, I was aware that a nuclear submarine had gone up the Potomac River. I woke up with the impression that it was a Russian submarine, but I don’t know if that point was ever specifically spelled out in the dream.

As the dream progressed, I had an opportunity to speak to the crew after they were discovered, and after the situation had been peacefully resolved. I thanked the crew for their professional manner. They had been given an assignment, and they had fulfilled that assignment sailing up the Potomac. When they were discovered, tensions understandably flared, and their cool response under intense pressure helped prevent the incident from becoming a tragedy and provocation to war. I remember specifically mentioning that it was good that military people were involved simply because they responded tactically and strategically rather than emotionally. I knew that an emotional response would have resulted in great loss.

I have to admit, I don’t often think of international politics, provocations, and all of the thrusts and parries of modern military preparedness. But I did understand that the dream was about the types of tests that our Commander-in-Chief must be prepared to confront. I can’t even imagine the response that the discovery of a foreign-flagged nuclear submarine in the Potomac would engender. Let’s just assume that it would be an extremely tense, and an extremely dangerous, situation.

I do believe this dream was from the Lord, but I’m certainly not prepared to say that a submarine is going to show up in the Potomac. What I do believe is that nations with competing military interests have taken the measure of our current Commander-in-Chief for the last year and a half, and now may be ready and willing to test him with calculated provocations to gain strategic advantage. Back in 2008 Vice-President Joe Biden famously prophesied that the world would test President Obama just like they tested President Kennedy. I believe the dream portends this type of testing.

How does one respond to such provocation? One must respond to any provocation calmly, firmly, and with strategic and tactical vision. If world events or deliberate provocations are about to test our president, we must pray that he and his advisers have the wisdom and ability to avoid emotional responses in favor of a calm, tactical and strategic vision.

Many people doubt that our president has the ability to respond in such an appropriate fashion. Perhaps on his own he does not. But if we undergird him with prayer, the Lord may have continued mercy on our president and our country.


UPDATE (Thursday Morning)

I posted this article some time before 6:00 PM last night. When I was on the Sun-Sentinel website this morning, I noticed they posted a story at 6:19 PM last night entitled, “Boater Chases Mysterious Periscope.” You can read it HERE until the link expires. I guess I’m not the only one with submarines on his mind.

Israel in the Cross Hairs (Again . . .)

I received the following article from the Oak Initiative ( It is more than worth reading.


We at the Oak Initiative along with Lou Sheldon (Oak Board Member) and Andrea Lafferty, Traditional Values Coalition Executive Director, would like to share the following article with you. It is important that we remain informed about the matters effecting Israel – watch this video and see the full details:

For further information, contact:
Traditional Values Coalition
139 C St., SE,
Washington, DC 20003
P: 202.547.8570 F: 202.546.6403

In His Service,

The Oak Initiative


President Obama’s Marxist “Humanitarians”
Help Provoke Attack On Israeli Forces

June 4, 2010 —   CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the media have spent a lot of wattage on the “peace flotilla” which claimed to be bringing aid to people in Gaza over the objections of Israel.  Israel had stopped, at least, two ships earlier this year carrying guns and missiles to Gaza and their insistence that all ships should be inspected and searched was very reasonable.

The multi-talented Caroline Glick produced a music video “We Con the World!” on all of the lies and distortions involved in the “humanitarian” flotilla to Gaza coupled with the Israel Defense Force (IDF) footage of the terrorist peaceniks gathering weapons to use against the Israeli boarding party.

Benjamin Netanyahu and the people of Israel need to be supported by our voices and by our prayers for the brave stand they have taken in defense of free and civilized people everywhere.  Israel is surrounded by terrorists yet the rest of the world, including our own “transparent” President Obama, just watches.

Bill TAKE ACTION: Contact your U.S. Representative and two U.S. Senators and ask that they strongly support the efforts by Israel to protect themselves from Islamic terrorist activity in the Gaza Strip.
Prime Minister Netanyahu is the leader of the free world while Barack Obama is trying to decide between golf or Gulf — another round of golf or going down to the Gulf to get photographed with more oil-covered sea gulls.  Obama is morphing into bumbling Jimmy Carter every hour of every day while Netanyahu is leading and taking on the stature of Reagan and Churchill.

God bless and protect Israel and God help America during this bleak and uncertain hour.

Few reports have focused on the two organizations involved in the flotilla. They are the IHH (Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief [Insani Yardim Vakfi]), billed as a “charity” group from Turkey and Free Gaza, an organization of leftist radicals who wish to foment violence against Israel.

The IHH is a front group with a history of supplying weapons to Islamic terrorist groups in the region. Even the French recognize this group as a front for terrorists.

Free Gaza was founded in 2008 to agitate for Islamists in the Gaza Strip. Involved in the founding of this were former Weather Underground domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dorhn, and Jodie Evans, a founder of Code Pink , an anti-military and anti-American organization. Code Pink routinely pickets military recruitment centers, barges into congressional hearings, and does whatever it can to subvert our efforts against Islamic terrorism around the world.

President Obama began his political career in the living room of Ayers and Dohrn . Ayers had been involved in the bombing of the Pentagon and a New York City police department in the 1970s during the Vietnam War. Both had gone underground for years to avoid capture for their terrorist activities.

Bill TAKE ACTION: Contact your U.S. Representative and two U.S. Senators and ask that they strongly support the efforts by Israel to protect themselves from Islamic terrorist activity in the Gaza Strip. Every nation has the inherent right to protect itself from invasion or attack by enemies.

An Important Date I Almost Missed

Today is National Doughnut Day.

Let that bit of splendid news sink in.

I didn’t realize that we have a day dedicated just to doughnuts, but now that I think about it, it is a great idea. We have been told ad nauseam that the food we eat is going to kill us. When we eat a doughnut, we have been programmed to say, “This isn’t really good for me,” even though all food is sanctified by prayer and thanksgiving for healthful use. This “death in the doughnut” approach to food is a bit of grace-stealing legalism that most Americans enjoy . . . almost as much as they enjoy doughnuts.

So, enjoy National Doughnut Day. Eat boldly and in faith, without fear for your health. Don’t eat too many, though. While I have lots of faith for benefit from the food we eat, I haven’t yet figured out how to stop doughnuts from appearing around my waist if I eat too many. I suspect you are the same way.

And since many of those reading this article will have missed the actual day of the event, I, by the power invested in me as a grace loving, faith living doughnut connoisseur, declare that tomorrow is “Second Chance National Doughnut Day” for everyone who missed today’s festivities.

Risking Much in the Gulf

The latest news out of the Gulf of Mexico is that British Petroleum is attempting a “cut and cap” procedure on the gushing oil well. This procedure is intended to cut off the damaged pipe that is spewing oil, and then capping it. Oil industry analysts have described this attempt as risky. It is risky because it will initially increase the discharge of oil by about twenty percent. It is also risky because the equipment hasn’t been used at the depths they are now working. BP issued a statement that reads in part:

“Systems such as the LMRP containment cap have never before been deployed at these depths and conditions, and their efficiency and ability to contain the oil and gas cannot be assured.”

Hmm. Let me get this straight. They are attempting a procedure that will increase the oil flow by twenty percent, and they are already making excuses for why it will not stop the oil.

I had an opportunity to speak to Bob Jones about the oil spill this past weekend. He told me that this was an extremely dangerous situation and that only God will be able to stop the oil flow (in answer to prayer). He also told me that BP could make it a lot worse as they attempt to seal the well.

What that means is that we need to pray fervently that the Father give those in charge the wisdom and skill necessary to stop this thing. If human skill cannot stop it, then we must ask for divine intervention. We also need to continue to pray for the shore lines, spawning grounds, and fisheries in harms way.

This is an environmental and economic catastrophe occurring in slow motion. We need to use our authority and pray that it stop.