The Cuban Deep Freeze Thaws

19449596_sThe Lord plans that Cuba be open. He plans that it prospers economically. Most importantly, he plans that an amazing revival sweep across that island nation and beyond to the world. When we understand this, we can easily see that President Barack Obama’s moves yesterday to normalize relationship with Cuba fit into the Lord’s plans.

At this time, there is much ink being spilled, both pro and con, over our president’s actions. I cannot begin to assess the benefit or detriments that his moves will have on the United States. I can say that his actions fit firmly into what the Lord has shown us about Cuba. Whether his actions flow in accord with the permissive will of God, or whether they are the Lord’s express intention for this time, remain to be seen. However, since the Lord works out all things according to his will, this move on our president’s part will help Cuba even further on the path toward its revival destiny.

For more information about what the Lord has shown us about Cuba, you can read my previous posts HERE, HERE, and HERE. If you read those posts, it will help you tune out the howls of outrage directed at our president’s action, as well as also muting the cheers of admiration from his supporters. We want to understand what the Lord is doing when such major shifts in history occur. The pundits and the rest of the press will usually grind their specific political ax over such events. I would rather discern what the Lord is saying.

To that end, I will keep my ear to the ground, and also observe what the Lord is showing to other proven prophetic voices. If he shows me more, I will let you know. In the meantime, we can all respond to the tremors that are shaking history by seeking the Lord for understanding of them.

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Image credit: antartis / 123RF Stock Photo