Hold On To Your Plates

platesIn a visionary experience recently, the Lord showed Dawn a large number of plates. Some were breaking. Some were colliding. Some were melting. Some were rotating a little. Some were not doing anything. Then she heard, “There is going to be a major shift in some plates. Hold on to your plate really tight. Don’t let it move.”

After this, she saw many, many plates that no one was holding. She also saw one plate on to which someone was holding tightly.

Of course, you know that this vision isn’t about dinnerware. This vision is about plate tectonics and our intercessory responsibility to bring protection to the tectonic plate each of us inhabits. While this might sound like a tall order, it is well within the realms of authority that Jesus has given to his Church. He has given us the keys of Kingdom authority. Whatever we bind on earth is also bound in heaven. That means that heaven backs up our intercessory decree with its power. Earthquakes are a part of the “whatever” that Jesus spoke about. We have authority to bind them.

There is some disagreement among the various schools of science, but most recognize fifteen basic tectonic plates divided into two categories (major and minor). Some scientists believe their are seven major plates and eight minor, while others see eight major and seven minor. There are also tertiary plates, sometimes called micro plates, that are still being discovered. Depending on your source, you will find that they have discovered somewhere between forty and sixty of those. That adds up to a lot of plates, and helps us understand that our particular plate, our particular area of intercessory responsibility, might not be as large as we might first think.

In any case, this vision contains a challenge. Many of us don’t think that we live in earthquake zones, so we don’t think about interceding against earthquakes. Those of you who do live in earthquake zones often pray diligently, and must continue to pray in order to hold down your plate. In view of the fact that Dawn was told about a major shift in the plates, it is probably important that we all spend some time exercising intercessory authority over the plates under our own feet, as well as adding our prayers to those who live in earthquake prone areas.

Even in seismologically stable South Florida, we have learned to pray against earthquakes. As long time readers of this blog know, our congregation holds special prayer meetings at the beginning of every hurricane season to pray against destructive winds. Of course, since we are already establishing hedges against storms, and since we are flatlanders, we also make certain that those hedges protect us against storm surge and tsunamis. One year the Lord spoke to us about asteroids/meteors, and so we added threats from above to our intercession. Then it didn’t seem right to be covering every direction but below our feet, so we started to cover everything below, including sinkholes and earthquakes. In order to avoid mission creep and dilute our intercession, we haven’t spent a lot of time on earthquakes or sinkholes at our hurricane prayer meetings. However, commensurate to the risk, we are probably spending just about the right amount of time.

The Lord has given this vision as an encouragement for all of us to take authority over the plate under our feet. He has also given it as a warning that we should expect a major shift. Our job is to make certain that any shift does not bring destruction to our area of influence.

Even if earthquakes are not a major concern in our geographical area, it is important that we recognize the times in which we live, and begin to take authority over the unforeseen. I do not believe that it needs to become a major focus in our intercession, simply because most of us have more presenting issues upon which to focus. But I do believe that we need to nail our plates down like never before. In higher risk areas, this will become a much more major area of focus. In lower risk areas, it will not take up as much intercessory time. But no matter our risk, I believe we have been given a directive. I suspect that we would be wise to heed it.

Have a blessed, happy, and unshakeable Christmas!

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