Our Tornado Drought

NoTornadoZoneI don’t want to call everyone to celebration prematurely, but I think it is worth noting something that is more than a little encouraging. I have spent the last several years encouraging people to pray against severe weather before it comes. We have learned that this is an effective strategy when we face the hurricane season every year, and have encouraged people who live in tornado-prone areas to do the same thing.

If you have read this blog for any length of time, you know that the Lord has warned us about severe weather over the past several years. I have written a great deal about negative weather patterns during that time. However, when I write about extreme weather, I usually include a call for prayer warriors to stand in their authority (see Extreme Weather Grace for an example of this). The Lord has given us authority, but we will not see the benefit of that authority unless we use it.

I haven’t written anything about extreme weather in 2013, because the Lord hasn’t shown me anything. That may be because intercessors are stepping into their authority. While the last couple of years have had major tornado outbreaks, this year has been quiet. In fact, weather folks are so amazed they are calling it a tornado drought.

This quote is from the Washington Post:

We are living through the most anemic one-year period for tornadoes in the modern record – a cause for celebration if you dislike human suffering and destruction. The present lull in these violent storms stands in sharp contrast to 2011, one of the most active years for twisters, with devastating consequences for life and property. (May 6, 2013)

This one is from Harold Brooks on the NOAA Severe Weather Blog:

The 12-month period from May 2012 to April 2013 was remarkable for the absence of tornado activity and tornado impacts in the United States . . .

From May 2012-April 2013, the estimate is that there were 197 tornadoes rated EF1 or stronger. Where does that stack up historically? Well, we have pretty good data back to 1954. During that time, the previous low for (E)F1 and stronger tornadoes in a 12 consecutive calendar month period was 247, from June 1991-May 1992 . . .  This apparent record was set less than two years after the record for most EF1+ tornadoes in a 12-month period was set, with 1050 from June 2010-May 2011 . . . (May 1, 2013)

On a a Wunderground post today, Dr. Jeff Masters highlights the fact that there were only three tornadoes during the first week of May. That is the third lowest since 1950. In his article, Harold Brooks also points out that tornadoes claimed the fewest number of lives this past year since 1899. This is worth celebrating. I believe our prayers for tamer weather, and our prayers for preservation of life, are having an effect. When we step into our authority, we can expect to see this type of effect. The Lord has given his people the keys to the Kingdom. When we use them, good things happen.

I want to encourage all the intercessors to continue the good work. Even as I write this, severe storms are forecast for Oklahoma and Texas today. The prayers prayed in advance are having an impact, but we can also pray during the events and cut off Satan’s plans to kill, steal, and destroy. That is our job description, and our privilege.

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