Getting Russia’s Attention

Chelyabinsk Meteor Video StillLast Tuesday, February 12th, hours before President Obama’s state of the Union address, two Russian “Bear” bombers—purportedly armed with nuclear missiles—circled the United States territory of Guam in a calculated message to the United States. Russia, though diminished, still has the nuclear ability to destroy the United States, and it certainly did not want President Obama to forget that fact as he made final preparation for his State of the Union speech.

Then, last Friday, on the day that the entire world was watching for asteroid 2012 DA14 (see Asteroid Close Call for more information on that), the Lord sent Russia a message. An asteroid, estimated to be about a third of the size of 2012 DA14, exploded over the city of Chelyabinsk in southern Russia. The small asteroid did amazing damage to the city. Videos of the strike proliferated on the web, mostly because almost every Russian car has a dash cam. Security cameras captured the concussive impact of the blast as windows exploded, doors were blown down, and some buildings were severely damaged. Over twelve hundred people were injured. Scientists have estimated the blast at over five hundred kilotons of energy, about thirty times the power of the atomic blast over Hiroshima. One headline reported, appropriately, that the asteroid struck with “Nuclear Intensity.

Let’s see, on Tuesday Russia rattled its nuclear saber to remind the world that it has the power to destroy those who threaten them. Then on Friday a five hundred kiloton explosion takes place over an important city in southern Russia. It’s like the Lord was sending a message or something. The only way it could become more obvious is if the Lord had chosen to detonate this meteor over the city and province in Russia that is most known for its nuclear weapons development. Oh, wait, that is exactly what happened. Chelyabinsk and Chelyabinsk Oblast, the province in which Chelyabinsk is located, led the Soviet/Russian nuclear weapons program. It has the unfortunate reputation of being the most radioactively contaminated area on earth. In a July 2011 article, the UK Telegraph reported that the, “region is synonymous with the Soviet Union’s nuclear weapons programme and deadly pollution.” It added, “Formerly a production centre for weapons-grade plutonium, it now hosts a giant nuclear fuel reprocessing centre with a terrifying safety record.”

As I often write when the Lord does something like this, “You can’t make this stuff up.” This is more than an amazing coincidence. This is the Lord sending a clear message to Russia, a shot over the bow, if you will, that reminds them that he can rattle his saber, too. If I were to interpret the message, I believe it would read something like this: “Don’t threaten world peace with your nuclear arsenal. Your weapons look like popguns compared to what I have available.”

I hope someone in Russia is paying attention, and can understand the language of the Lord.

Special Thanks: Thanks to Tracy Schellhorn and Tricia Wilson, both members of the MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries, for their research and revelatory insight into this event.

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Image credit: Still from Youtube Video