SuperStorm Sandy Update

October 31, 2012

I want to begin this post by conveying my deepest sympathies to all those in the Northeast who have been negatively impacted by Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy. I grieve with you over the loss of life, and over the many people who have lost homes and property to this storm.

This was a sobering storm. Obviously, any storm that kills upward of fifty people is sobering. The sheer size that Sandy attained is amazing. It impacted tens of millions of people all across the eastern United States. The Northeast will be in recovery mode for a long time. I believe the news anchors and weather reporters have run out of superlatives in their attempts to let us know that Sandy was a record-breaking event. What can you really say about a storm that did what Sandy did to such a large portion of the United States?

I’m really not going to say much, except that the Lord had shown us that there would be cleansing storms this year. I believe the fact that Sandy hit Atlantic City virtually right on the nose is a likely indicator that this was a cleansing storm. Atlantic City is THE gambling Mecca of the Northeast.

Let me refresh your memory about what I wrote about cleansing storms earlier this season (see South Florida’s 2012 Hurricane Season):

As I wrote in my last post (see Tropical Storm Beryl), the Lord also showed us that we are in for a cleansing year. In fact, he gave some indication that we may see as many as three cleansing events, though I do not know if these events are all for South Florida. Cleansing storms are those that contain a call for repentance, and some level of  judgment on those areas that they hit. Don’t think of them as direct judgments from God (though they can be). Think of them rather as discipline as the Lord attempts to get our attention about inappropriate things in which we are involved. Inappropriate things are things that hurt people. The gambling industry, those areas that promote debauched lifestyles, and those who attempt to lure Spring Breakers with licentious promises, are all included in things that hurt people. If you live in a region that promotes things that hurt people, begin to cry out for mercy already.

I’m certainly not celebrating what Sandy did, just as I didn’t celebrate what Wilma did to my area back in 2005. I knew what Wilma was, and its purpose, but I sure didn’t like it. Of course, I’m not so certain the Lord was concerned about how I would feel about it. He is far more concerned with righteousness, and calling people back from the precipice of poor decisions that have the potential to unleash generations of pain and destruction on the people of an area. Cleansing storms, then, are his mercy in action. They have a tendency to remind us that we really don’t have the last say on things, and that we truly need him.

My heart goes out to everyone who lost loved ones in this storm. It was truly a killer storm even before it visited the United States. And while loss of property is not near as bad as losing a loved one, it still hurts. Our God is a God of comfort. I pray that the people who live in areas impacted by Sandy will find his comfort, and will turn toward him in all their ways.


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