Heaven and Earth are About to Collide

September 22, 2012

About a week ago, the Lord told us to watch the movie Deep Impact. Just so that no one gets too excited, he first called it Deep Fiction. I know he called it that so that we would not think that he was alerting us to a literal meteor strike on the earth. The Lord has shown me a meteor/asteroid striking the earth southeast of Florida at some point in the future, but it is not of the size or scope described in the movie—and in that experience with the Lord, he showed me that what I was seeing wasn’t such a big deal that the intercessory Church could not handle it. As the Lord spoke to us about watching this movie, he made certain I was not looking for information about a meteor strike. He had something else in mind.

The first thing I noted as I watched the movie is that one of the lead characters, played by Robert Duvall, was nicknamed Fish. The Lord has used fish imagery virtually since the inception of the Church. The Greek word ixthus means fish, but it is also a Greek language acronym for Jesus Christ God’s Son Savior. The Lord has been highlighting this acronym to Dawn and I over the past decade in many different ways.

When I saw that Robert Duvall, Fish, was destined to become the leader of a mission to save the earth on a vehicle named Messiah, I knew a bit about why the Lord wanted us to watch this movie. When I saw that the way the crew of Messiah saved earth by sacrificing their lives for it, I was impressed by this bit of thematic imagery. When I later found out that the Fish’s real name was Spurgeon, I was really impressed. Christians around the world know about Charles Spurgeon, the prince of preachers, who led many to the Lord in nineteenth century England.

So, a man whose nickname points directly to Jesus Christ, ends up leading a mission on a ship named Messiah. This man’s real name in the movie is the same as that of the prince of preachers who inspired revival in England in the nineteenth century. He leads his crew on a self-sacrificial mission to save the earth. Hmm. I wonder if metaphors can get more clear than that?

If those were the only themes I had picked up from the movie, I would have been well edified. But there was more. Over the past years, the Lord has been using another bit of imagery around my family, that imagery involves a whale’s tail rising out of the water. He has been using this as a symbol that he has been preparing a whale of a tale. So, when in the movie, Fish starts to read Moby Dick to an injured crew member of the Messiah, I felt a bit of metaphor overload. Fish was reading the most well-known whale story of our era. There is even a well-known musical version of Moby Dick entitled A Whale of a Tale. So I understood that the Lord was highlighting the fact that he was preparing a whale of a tale, and that back in 1998 he had hidden these prophetic themes in a movie entitled Deep Impact.

Honestly, by this time, I felt I had mined just about all the Lord wanted to show us when he told us to watch the movie. But I had not. When the Lord told us to watch the movie, Amazon was offering it as a free streaming movie to its prime members. So I had not paid attention to the movie’s packaging or art work because I streamed the movie to our television. When a member of our worship team showed me the movie tagline, quoted in the title to this post, I knew the Lord was tying everything together. Heaven and earth are about to collide.

Then this morning I saw that pastor and revivalist Frank Gresham of Daytona Beach had posted this to Facebook on Thursday (hat tip: Tracy Schellhorn of Manifest Ministries):

Last night an angel stood over my bed and held a screen… in it I saw the following…..
Heaven and earth were getting closer…. like growing towards each other….. on earth it was like rays of sunshine coming from Heaven hitting earth … but the rays were not hitting the planet.. but people on the planet… everywhere they went, the rays followed them….

This, of course, is more than coincidence. The Lord is confirming what he spoke to us through Frank, and he is confirming what he spoke to Frank through us. Heaven and earth are about to collide in a very good way, and it is going to have a deep impact on everything. It is going to be a whale of a tale.

Fasten your seat belts, Messiah is launching.

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