Dancing Elephants

Breaking Prophetic News Flash: Something is going to happen next Tuesday that will make Republicans dance.

OK, that’s not really a breaking piece of news. For months polls have been trending toward large Republican gains next week Tuesday. What is news, is that I finally got some information from the Lord that isn’t a poll. He showed me a vision of dancing elephants as I was dialing down last night. That’s a disturbing image when one is trying to fall asleep.

In the past, when the Lord has spoken to me about the Republican party, he has used the culturally appropriate symbol of the elephant. So when I saw these elephants dancing, I knew the topic was the Republican party. The dancing represented celebration. The immediacy of the election turns my interpretation to next Tuesday.

Why would elephants dance? Well, of course, to celebrate something. But I can’t imagine that level of celebration over modest gains next Tuesday. That level of celebration indicates something much bigger than that.

As a result of this vision, I am beginning to believe that the polls are right. The center of this country is motivated and ready to get to the polling places next week and trust the Republican party to help our nation. They will hand victory to the Republican party. It will be “dancing level” victory.

Now if the Republicans do more with this trust than dance, things might just work out for our nation. No matter what, God’s people will need to continue to pray for godly wisdom for all those who lead our country.